under armour review

Under Armour Review

Under Armour has made headlines recently, and not due to its workout gear. The fitness apparel brand has fallen into financial difficulty due to the global pandemic, losing a lot of money, and has had to subsequently lay off 600 employees. This isn’t good news for the brand, that has been facing difficulties associated with this business for quite some time.

In 2019, Kevin Plank, the longtime CEO and founder of the company had to step down from his role due to federal investigations over its accounting practices. Other scandals had befallen the company before last year, with inventory piling up and employee executives going to strip clubs, using the company’s profit to do so.

So, is it worth buying Under Armour products anymore, or does the brand’s fall from grace reflect the quality and craftsmanship of its products? We’ve researched everything about this controversial company so that you can decide for yourself whether to purchase UA products or not.

Under Armour: A Brief Backstory

It’s a sad turn of events for the brand that was once a major fitness competitor and had an impressive reputation in the world of sport. Like many companies, Under Armour had humble beginnings when entrepreneur, Plank, started the company in his grandmother’s basement.

The name ‘Under Armour’ comes from Plank’s desire to create high-functioning workout gear that absorbed sweat and enhanced performance. Since Plank worked on the football team at the University of Maryland, he began to design shirts for football players, that could withstand intense physical activity.

The brand’s shirts eventually began to increase in popularity with university football teams, until professional football stars started wearing the brand’s clothing, bringing it to the attention of consumers. The brand now creates shirts, pants, footwear, face masks, and more.

This increased popularity led to Under Armour partnering with famous athletes and models to create widely successful advertisement campaigns. One of the most memorable, and by far most influential, partnerships was with Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton. He endorsed their footwear, and this led to Under Armour becoming one of the biggest American fitness brands.

Unfortunately, recent years have been hard-hitting on the company, amidst all of the numerous scandals it has been caught up it. As well as this, athletes have recently refused to wear Under Armour footwear, saying that the quality was horrible and that the sole was too thin and falling apart. It seems now that no one wants to support this company anymore.

Let’s take a closer look at Under Armour shoes. What were once some of the most sought after activewear shoes in the world have now taken a backseat and are trailing behind Nike and Adidas trainers. If you’re considering investing in a good running shoe, Under Armour might be a good choice. We’ve researched this brand’s footwear to give you honest and unbiased reviews.

Under Armour Shoes

Even though the brand started out by creating sports undergarments, Under Armour are famous for their footwear, having supplied it to many influential sports teams and athletes.

They sell a range of footwear that includes those made for running, football, training, golf, hiking, and basketball. As well as this, the brand makes casual footwear like sandals and sliders, putting a sporty twist on these fashionable products.

Depending on what you want to purchase, whether you choose high-tech sneakers or a military-style hiking boot, there is one thing that is undeniable – this brand has everything you could wish for and more. The variety available means that their footwear is still popular amongst consumers.

All of the available shoe products come in various designs. The use of color and varying materials ensures that no two pieces are the same, which works in the company’s favor. The price of footwear is higher than other rival brands like Skechers, but still lower when compared to companies like Nike.

Each shoe type is designed differently, with the military boots offering good support and grip on rough terrain. The running and training footwear is designed with tough rubber to endure high impact, and sliders are light, made more for aesthetic reasons than performance ones.

With that being said, some people find the high mark up the price point of the brand’s footwear a little expensive, especially since you can get good runners elsewhere for almost half the price. Under Armour is famous for its running shoes, so many people are now asking, are they worth investing in?

Are Under Armour Running Shoes Good?

With Under Armour running shoe prices starting from $65 dollars and going up to around $180, there is a big price range and variety of designs available. With a price tag nearing $200, you’d expect the quality to be nothing more than high-rate. However, many recent customer reviews cite issues with this brand’s footwear, so it could be said that a manufacturing or design flaw has created less than desirable products.

It cannot be denied that this brand offers a variety of styles and footwear for different functions. Whether you sprint, do long-distance running, or go off-roading, Under Armour has options for everyone to suit all preferences. Each shoe has various attributes which make it good for different reasons. Some of the long-distance running shoes might not be suitable for sprints, and vice versa. This can greatly affect your experience with the brand, so it’s important to read each product specification carefully before you buy it.

Under Armour’s running footwear is recognizable thanks to the classic thick rubber sole, which ensures its durability. In addition to this, the brand uses breathable material on all of its footwear, to create products that are lightweight and comfortable. The company makes use of an impressive foam formula, found in the HOVR style shoe, which offers more cushioning for your feet and stability during long-running sessions.

Another advantage that this brand’s running footwear has over competitors is that you can download MapMyRun on your phone. This app links to your shoes and tracks your performance when running. It’s an innovative way for consumers to get the most from their trainers, and use them to develop better running habits and techniques.

Do Under Armour Shoes Fit Well?

If you’ve read any customer feedback or reviews about this brand’s footwear, you’ll know that some people have a problem with the sizing. A lot of customers find that UA footwear pinches their toes and makes it hard for them to run comfortably. This isn’t necessarily down to a design flaw but is simply due to the fact that every company creates different shoe styles which can affect the size of each product.

Runners tend to like UA footwear because it provides a snug fit which is good for all running activities. Both in length and width, a running shoe from this brand will provide a very tight feel. For this reason, if you’re a size 9, and want some extra room in your for your toes to move around, it might be a good idea to purchase a 9.5 instead.

However, if you have wide feet, then this shouldn’t put you off from buying this brand’s footwear. There are a few options like the UA Charged Bandit 6 design that has a wider toe box to accommodate larger feet. You have to make sure you check the dimensions of UA footwear before buying it, since if you don’t get the right size then your feet might rub.

If you’re looking for a narrower fit, then UA is a great choice. You’ll be able to ensure each shoe stays firmly in place, regardless of the activity you’re undertaking. All areas of your foot will be fully supported thanks to footwear’s snugness.

Can I Run For Long Distances In Under Armour Shoes?

The brand’s footwear has been endorsed by several track and field stars, including American Olympic sprinter Natasha Hastings. Many people wear UA shoes for running short distances, but if you’re an avid long-distance or cross country runner, then you’ll know that an integral part of success is the footwear you have. Marathon runners can’t compete wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable footwear.

Some of the brand’s footwear is in actual fact designed for long-distance running, with many of its products having features that are made to support runners. The thick midsole is a feature that offers great comfort and support to seasoned runners and ensures that your form is on point.

The soles themselves are often made from high abrasion rubber and can withstand long distances and work well on all terrains. They won’t easily wear out over a long time, so you’ll get more use out of them. If you run long distances then you need your feet to feel cool so that they don’t overheat and swell, causing discomfort. All UA running footwear is breathable thanks to the use of mesh fabric which makes them suitable for long distances.

Moreover, the cushioning in UA’s footwear is extremely comfortable, and many of their running products feature an EVA sockliner, which adds extra plushness. Overall, the wide range of footwear available ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you’re a sprinter or long-distance runner. UA footwear should definitely be considered if you run marathons or cross country.

Is Under Armour Children’s Footwear Good?

Most brands cater to all demographics, ensuring that there is something for all ages and genders. They do this by switching up designs, to make them better fitting for men or women, and use color and pattern to create pleasing styles.

If you are looking for some good footwear for your child, then UA has a wide range of affordable and good shoes. Unlike other brands, UA doesn’t skimp on quality just because they are making products for smaller people. Whether your kid is into football, soccer, or running, there is a shoe style that will be a good fit.

There are pre-school and grade-school options, in what are essentially smaller fits of adult designs. Every shoe has firm midsole heels, to provide support to younger runners. As well as this, the footwear features the same lightweight and breathable mesh design to offer better speed.

UA has taken extra care with the children’s footwear to ensure it is extremely comfortable for kids. There is extra foam around the ankle collar to provide cushioning and comfort.

If you want to buy your kid his or her first pair of trainers, then Under Armour is a good choice. The price range varies, but you can get a pair for around $60, which is not a bad deal at all.

What Is Under Armour’s Customer Service Like?

We can’t provide an honest review of this brand without talking about Under Armour’s customer service. An important part of any company, this fitness brand has been criticized more than others for the way they run their customer support, with many bad reviews about their return services appearing on sites like Trustpilot.

The brand offers a free return policy, so long as you send back your product with a valid return label. For a big fitness brand, free returns are a great advantage, since it ensures the customer can have their payment reimbursed onto their credit card or PayPal account if they are unsatisfied with a product.

The return policy itself is great and offers a lot of flexibility. Despite this, many customers have left reviews stating that money took a long time to be returned and the responsiveness of the company to consumers has been slow. Reviewers have also stated that they were unable to get through to a customer service rep to ask about information like a tracking number on a product, and have had emails and phone calls left unanswered.

The lack of communication when it comes to customer service is a massive downside to this brand. Along with the current scandals the company is involved in, its image has been tarnished slightly to due to the low ratings its customer service has received.

It seems that UA currently lacks a good customer service system, and this is an issue. No matter how good a product is, if there are any faults, and this can’t be efficiently dealt with, consumers will stand up and walk away from a brand. It’s definitely something to keep in mind if you are ordering a UA product online.

Are Under Armour Running Shoes Worth Buying?

Despite some customer service complaints from a few disgruntled shoppers, we have to say that Under Armour does produce good quality running shoes. Faced with competition from big competitors, the brand has pushed itself to stay relevant and ensure that its trainers are a viable option for runners. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and have compiled some of our best picks:

UA Kick Distance 3 Track Spikes, $65

Let’s consider one of the sprinting options first. One of the cheapest products on the web site retails for $65 dollars. These are lightweight and breathable which makes them great for sprinters. They come with a mid foam sole to provide comfort and cushioning to the wearer, and they feature a unique 3D printed heel that should ensure your foot stays firmly in place within the shoe. For the price, this shoe has a lot of great features that will enable you to gain a lot of speed when wearing them.

UA HOVR™ Machina, $150

If you like to on long-distance runs and jogs, then you’ll need decent footwear. These are a good choice since they have a thick rubber sole which means they are suitable for outdoor use. This shoe’s heel has carbon rubber pods underneath it which helps to increase durability in high impact areas. With a thick mid-sole, and a light, breathable mesh, this shoe offers comfort, breathability, and speed to the runner. At $150, it’s definitely not cheap, but the abundance of impressive features makes these trainers a good choice for any runner.

UA HOVR™ Velociti 3, $120

Another popular Under Armour Men’s Shoe is the Velociti 3 trainers. These are great for fast runners, who like to push themselves during a run. The HOVR foam technology guarantees a zero-gravity feel that will give you extra speed. As well as this, this design features a high-functioning sockliner that will ensure your feet don’t slip.

UA HOVR™ Machina Off-Road CH1, $180

For those of you who like to go running off the grid, you can peruse this brand’s high-end collection, which includes these off-road trainers. At $180, these are definitely a big investment, but worth it if you frequently run on varying terrain. This product provides a zero-gravity feel, and when used with the MapMyRun app, you can track your trainers to get the best from your runs. The rubber sole provides great grip, making them suitable for a runner to wear on many surfaces.

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