gymshark review

Gymshark Review

For a brand that started in a garage, Gymshark has far exceeded the expectations of many members of the fitness clothing industry. The company launched in 2012, under the direction of then 19-year-old Ben Francis. What started as a group of British teenager’s small passion project in the UK has led to worldwide successful business. Gymshark has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular fitness brands in the current market.

It’s quite remarkable that Gymshark has achieved so much in such a short space of time. However, when you look at the products on offer, you can understand why this brand is so popular with gym-goers all around the world. Ben Francis understands the importance of quality fitness gear and has tapped into a key demographic of guys and girls who care about looking great while getting fit.

From workout leggings to high-quality t-shirts, Gymshark has it all. Both men and women love this product and the proof of its popularity can be seen on its social pages, like Instagram and Facebook. So, why is Gymshark so loved and what makes it stand out from the other fitness clothing companies?

What Is Special About Gymshark?

Gymshark experienced a lot of hype and success fairly quickly. This is partly due to the fact that they made the most of social media, and have amassed a loyal group of followers and influencers who wear their products with pride. Nowadays it is normal for companies to get big thanks to Instagram, but there are other reasons why Gymshark became, and has subsequently remained, one of the most popular brands since its inception several years ago.

Active Gear That Really Works

The first reason why Gymshark is so successful is that the owner, Ben Francis, is a young, avid gym-goer himself. His knowledge and understanding of the needs and wants of people when they are working out, has been an immense advantage. He has been able to create activewear that not only functions well, but that looks great and is in style.

A pair of women’s Gymshark high-waisted leggings, for example, might have a specially designed waistband that holds in the stomach and creates a slimming look. As well as this, these leggings are supportive and offer compression. These features are not only good for working out, since they ensure that you can move without feeling constricted. They also flatter everyone, and will create a nice looking shape for whoever is wearing them.

Fashionable Designs

Another reason why Gymshark is special is that these gym clothes can be worn outside of working out. Workout gear has become massively trendy in recent years, with women flocking to wear Gymshark leggings that give their shape a great contour and definition. Gymshark creates men and women’s clothing that looks good when worn to the grocery store or to your local coffee shop and they provide a lot of comfort.

Take for example, the men’s tapered joggers. These workout pants are multi-functional and not only offer support in the gym but are stylish. They are designed to look great and can be worn around the house or on a casual outing. These pants even include side pockets for extra functionality! The full fused hoodie is also great for outdoor exercise, or can be thrown on if you’re a little chilly. Gymshark provides the perfect multipurpose clothes that you can incorporate into your daily outfit.

Inclusive Collection

As well as all of this, Gymshark creates clothing that is inclusive. Your body type isn’t important, since Gymshark caters to all shapes and sizes. There is not a one size fits all policy with this brand.

Their sizing ranges from XS to XL which ensures that everyone can wear their pieces. Both athletes and gym novices can enjoy the wide variety of gym wear to create great-looking and highly functional outfits, that are built to support a variety of frames.

Is Gymshark Workout Gear Good Quality?

Gymshark is more affordable than other brands, which begs the question: is it good quality? The answer is, yes! Although the clothing might not be made from the most luxurious of fabrics, they are made from good quality materials that work well in gym clothing.

Most of the clothes are made from strong nylon fabric, which offers the wearer a lot of breathability when working out. When you work up a sweat, you won’t feel overly hot or sweaty, thanks to the breathable technology. As well as this, all items have unique designs and are fitted in the right areas. In parts of the body like the stomach, thighs, and arms, the clothes have a snug fit that accentuates these areas and ensures they are supported.

In terms of prices, Gymshark clothing is extremely affordable. A pair of leggings will cost around $40, which is a steal in comparison to bigger named brands. However, more reasonable prices don’t represent lower quality products. Their pieces work great for the gym and can be worn many times without getting worn out or looking lackluster.

Is Gymshark Better Than Lululemon?

When it comes to workout gear, Gymshark and Lululemon are two of the most popular brands. Both brands cater to men and women. However, Gymshark products are designed for training and high-intensity workouts, whereas Lululemon specializes in creating products that are great for low-intensity exercises like yoga, pilates, and cycling.

Different Materials

If you want to buy high-quality clothes, that offer flexibility, breathability, and support, then Lululemon is an obvious choice. The majority of products are made with Loun fabric which offers support and great breathability. These clothes are softer to touch and will feel good against your skin.

Lululemon products are great for low-intensity exercises like yoga, pilates, and cycling. However, they can also be used for gym training and running.

If you’re into more intense workouts, then Gymshark clothing may be better for you. Due to the brand using mainly nylon in their clothing, their pieces fit tightly and offer extreme support and good form, even during the most rigorous of workouts. Although they make use of lower quality materials than Lululemon, like polyester, their pieces are still highly functional and supportive.

Varying Styles

Both brands are well known for their leggings and offer great high waisted leggings. If you want your stomach to look flat, and your booty to look toned during a workout, then either of these brands’ leggings will help you to achieve that. Gymshark offers seamless legging styles that ensure you have a tighter fit that still enables you to move easily.

In terms of sports bra options, both companies bring different advantages to the table. Gymshark has a wide range of sports bras, from low to medium support options. Lululemon offers many sports bra options too, however focuses more on yoga and low-intensity bras, a lot of which come in crop top styles. If you need something that will give you extra support, then Gymshark has better options in this area.

If you want to purchase men’s sportswear, it’s necessary to think about what is important to you. Is a looser or tighter fit integral to a good workout? Do you want something that is made to ensure you sweat less, or something that is fitted around your arms and hips?

Gymshark offers better fitting pieces, that clinch in around certain areas and give you a more-toned looking physique. Men’s training tops from Lululemon are a little less fitted, but might be better for reducing the amount of sweating.

There are pros and cons to both brands. If you want something more affordable, that works well for gym based workouts, then Gymshark is a better option than Lululemon, which is designed for low-intensity sports.

Which Gymshark Leggings Are The Best?

If you’re looking for a pair of good exercise leggings, then Gymshark has you covered. They have many options and styles, for both men and women. Everything comes in various sizes and lengths so that you can pick something best suited to your workout environment.

Since Gymshark leggings are fairly affordable, you can try out a few designs and buy a couple of pairs, alternating your workout outfit each day. We’ve picked a few of our favorites so that you can find out which leggings would be the best for you.

Gymshark Women’s Vital Seamless Leggings ($50)

The Vital Seamless leggings are high waisted to tuck in your stomach. As well as this, this sleek pair of leggings has a ribbed waistband which offers further support to this area during a workout, and will tuck in your love handles!

If you want your thighs and booty to look extra toned, then you’ll love the design on these leggings. Thanks to the seamless design and the contouring patterns on the material, it creates the illusion of stronger looking muscles and will give your lower body a great-looking shape.

Gymshark Men’s Vital Seamless Leggings ($40)

Similar to the women’s design, these leggings offer support and will enhance the appearance of your physique thanks to the seamless texture and design. These legggings are not high-waisted, and instead have a baselayer fit to ensure you can do as much intense exercise as possible.

The vital seamless leggings are impressive since they feature sweat-wicking technology, meaning that they’ll draw sweat away from your body, without retaining it in the fabric. You won’t feel clammy and overly hot wearing these!

Gymshark Women’s Flex Leggings ($40)

A little more affordable than the vital seamless leggings, these workout pants are mid rise, and sit just below the waist. They feature an elastic waistband which makes them a little more flexible. They feature the Gymshark logo on the waistband as well, which gives them a cool design.

Just like the vital seamless leggings, the flex leggings feature a seamless design that helps to contour and flatter your figure. These pants are ankle length and are available in many different colors, so that you can wear a different color every day, depending on your mood!

The flex leggings are also available in a high waisted option and one pair of these will set you back $50.

Gymshark Women’s Sculpt Leggings $50

An alternative option to the two above is the Sculpt leggings. These specially designed sculpture leggings are made to perfectly fit your body and envelope your figure. The seams on these legging contour your figure, and the waistband dips at the front to keep your tummy secured in.

There are extra details on these leggings, such as double paneling on the bum area, giving you a defined and peachy-looking booty! These leggings are made from a very soft material, so that they’ll feel good against your skin and won’t itch or irittate you. As well as this, there are thin pockets on the side, should you need to use them!

Gymshark Review: A Good Quality And Affordable Brand

Overall, Gymshark is a great fitness wear brand. There is a range of items, that come in various styles and designs to suit every person. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who trains six times a week, or like to take part in more relaxed exercise, you’ll be able to find great products at extremely reasonable prices.

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