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Good American Review: Is Khloe Kardashian’s Brand Worth All The Buzz?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll have heard of the Kardashians. The so-called ‘Royal Family of Reality TV’ has capitalized on their insane popularity and used their fame to sell various products and create their own brands. From skincare to makeup lines, this famous family seems to be determined on conquering all business avenues.

Good American is the result of a conversation between Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, in which they decided that women needed more variety when it came to clothing. They noticed there was a gap in the market for jeans that suited women with curvier and stronger shapes, and so set about creating something for this demographic.

When this brand launched in 2016, it sold jeans in three fits, that promised to provide curvier customers with a perfect fit. Since the successful launch, more jeans styles have been created and the brand has expanded into other areas of fashion and now sells activewear, bodysuits, tees, and swimwear, to name a few.

The jeans themselves are the focal point of this clothing company. The wide range of Good American jeans come in various design options, with long and short inseams, light and dark denim colors, and with rips on the knee and hip area for those who like a dramatic touch in their pair of jeans.

There was no doubt that this company was always going to be a commercial success, thanks to the Kardashian clan’s legion of loyal supporters, who invest in almost everything they do. But does the brand’s success only reflect the Kardashian’s popularity, or is it actually a good quality company that provides women with more tailored and customized clothing?

We’ve researched the brand and its most famous pieces, jeans, to provide you with an honest review on whether or not Good American is worth all the buzz.

Does Good American Run True To Size?

The brand prides itself on being all-inclusive when it comes to its sizing. The jeans are supposedly made for all body types and come in a range of sizes from 00-24, catering even to plus size women. There are several different fit options available, from skinny and straight to high-waisted and boyfriend style jeans. When you’re perusing the brand’s website you can either shop by fit or collection.

Although the denim brand prides itself on fitting everyone, you might need to purchase a different size than you would usually do so. When the line was launched, a lot of customers comments that the skinny jean styles were a little more snug than other brands, so you might want to purchase a size up.

The fact that the Good Waist and the Good Legs skinny jeans are tighter isn’t a bad thing! If you want to show off your shape, then these jeans will cling to your thighs and curves and give them extra definition, while lifting up your butt to ensure it looks fantastic.

The high-rise jeans also come in cropped and flared options, while still offering the perfect fit around the hips and flattening the stomach. These jeans run fairly true to size, but due to the sizing around the legs and waist, you might need a bigger size if you have larger ankles, but a skinny waist.

The Good Boyfriend and Good Straight jeans are great for women who like to have fitted jeans around their booties but don’t want to deal with tight denim around the thigh and leg. Most customers have commented that these jeans provide a true size since they have a stretchier waistband and provide more room than the tighter varieties.

Overall, the company does run true to size but due to each collection being unique, the sizing between all the fits varies greatly. Luckily, the brand has put together an extensive sizing guide that provides details about each pair of jeans in every size option. You’ll be able to workout from this guide whether you need a size 8 or a size 10, based on the dimensions provided.

What Size Good American Is Khloe?

Khloe Kardashian is famous for her figure, and regularly wears a pair of jeans to accentuate her slim legs and curvaceous hips and booty. Eagle-eyed fans often notice her out and about in Good American jeans and love how well her jeans fit. So what size does she wear?

It’s been commonly reported that Khloe is a size 4. She’s been known to wear the high-rise and skinny style jeans a lot, matching them with a simple tee shirt and blazer or worn over a more glamorous bodysuit. These jeans fit well on Khloe’s voluptuous frame, which bodes well for other curvy women who have similar body types.

The fact that Khloe herself wears these jeans reflects their quality and what they feel like on. Many celebrities often attach their name to projects and brands that they don’t truly support or believe in. Kardashian is so involved and vocal about this brand, which confirms that she thinks the quality of the product she is selling is first-class.

Do Good American Jeans Stretch Out?

Many women want a pair of jeans that look incredible but that feel comfortable and aren’t too restrictive. Good American definitely provide this with many customers praising the company’s use of stretchy denim in their jeans.

Many women have lauded the brand’s denim material, which is soft to touch and super comfortable. The fabric itself is quite thin but provides a stretch so that it can get around plus size ankles and calves. You could compare it to jeggings since Good American is reminiscent of this style of leggings.

Stretchy denim material is a welcome feature for many women. It enables women to wear skinny jeans but not struggle to pull them over their legs. As well as this, it means that the high waist options are not as restrictive as with some other brands. This means that these jeans are perfect for daytime use, and can be worn to work, to lunch, or even to high school. The jeans are extremely versatile and will go with almost anything.

However, the stretchiness of the brand’s jeans doesn’t mean that they are of low quality since they still provide an excellent fit. It does however suggest that the denim could wear away quickly after several hot washes. It’s important to take proper care of your pair of jeans when washing them to ensure they last for a longer time.

What Is The Difference Between Good Legs And Good Waist Good American Jeans?

If you’ve stumbled upon a review of Good American or browsed the brand’s website, then you’ll have noticed that they divide their jeans into various collections. The two most popular are the Legs and Waist collections.

Both of these high-rise style jeans come in a super stretchy fabric that feels soft against the skin. However, the Waist collection focuses more heavily on clinching in at the waist and lifting up the butt to show off the wearer’s shape. The Waist collection comes in a skinny, cropped styles, and features several different designs. You can get suede material Waist jeans, or chewed hem styles that will draw attention to your ankles.

As well as this, Good American has launched the Waist Palazzo fit, which is their flared jeans fit. These jeans provide a clinched in waist and fitted material around the booty, but with a wider leg. With the Waist collection, there is a bigger range of designs and styles.

The Legs collection features solely a high waisted, skinny jean fit. This jean comes in both a long inseam and cropped version, but its main focus is to show off your legs. There is no difference between the waist size on both of these jeans fits, as the measurements are the same. However, the front rise on a pair of jeans from the Legs collection will be slightly shorter than an equivalent sized pair from the Waist collection.

So, to put it simply, the Waist collection features a variety of styles, all centered around making your waist look good. The Legs collection is designed to show off the shape and tone of your legs, and make them look longer.

The Final Word: Are Good American Jeans Good?

All in all, Good American is an impressive brand. It delivers multiple styles and fits, all in a range of sizes so that women of every shape can have a good pair of jeans. The price of a pair of jeans from this brand isn’t cheap, with some jeans retailing for $160. However, you’re not just paying for quality, but you’re paying for the Kardashian name.

If you’ve always had trouble finding a good-fitting pair of jeans, then we would highly recommend that you check out the Good American site or its collection at Nordstrom. The jeans provide comfort, support, and best of all will accentuate your best features and make your figure look incredible.

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