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Saski Collection Review: A Luxury Athleisure Brand

Saski Collection is a well-known luxury athleisure brand, created by Australian fitness guru and influencer, Tammy Hembrow. Hembrow earned worldwide recognition on social media apps like Instagram thanks to her incredible figure and fashionable fitness wear choices. With over 11 million followers on Instagram, her brand has received a lot of exposure and has been incredibly successful since its launch in 2017.

Like many influencers, Tammy Hembrow has taken advantage of her fame and turned it into a very successful business venture. However, many people distrust clothing companies that are started or endorsed by influencers. They often promote fast fashion pieces that can lack quality and substance.

Since Hembrow is a fitness fanatic herself, you’d assume that she knows a thing or two about what great activewear should be like. The brand prides itself on offering customers luxury pieces, but are they actually worth buying? We’ve researched the brand to provide you with an honest and unbiased review.

Saski: The Basics

Saski was started by Tammy Hembrow when she realized there was a gap in the market for women’s luxury fitness wear. The brand is named after her daughter, who features heavily on Hembrow’s Instagram, and who fans feel like they know very well.

According to Hembrow, she wants women to feel confident in her pieces, that can be worn both in and out of the gym. The activewear is created to be comfortable yet compliment every woman’s body to ensure they feel and look great while working out.

The clothing is manufactured under the guidance of an Australian owned manufacturing company. All of the factories that make the clothes are child labor and sweatshop-free, to ensure that the highest ethical standards are met for all of the workers. This is commendable since many other influencer-led fashion brands don’t meet the same standards.

The e-commerce collection has been a success for a number of reasons: Hembrow’s star status, the gorgeous designs that appeal to women, and the fact that the brand is very transparent about where their pieces are made. The brand is now worth over $3.6 million with industry insiders predicting its revenue will only go on to increase. This company is certainly doing something right when it comes to providing consumers with what they want.

Is The Saski Collection Squat Proof?

Hembrow is famous for showing off her pert posterior on Instagram, and sharing her squatting regime with her legion of followers. She has one of the most enviable bodies on the internet. So, when her collection launched, women were desperate to get their hands on a pair of leggings to try and emulate Hembrow’s toned bottom half.

The leggings have proved to be insanely popular, since they promise a tight fit that accentuates women’s legs and glutes, while providing ample support. The leggings are extremely tight, and come in mid and high waist options, tucking in the stomach and clinching in the waist. If you like your activewear extremely tight, then the pieces in this collection will be perfect for you, and provide a spandex like feeling.

There is no doubt that the leggings look incredible, and will boost the wearer’s confidence since they flatter each and every figure. With a pair of leggings costing around $60, they are very affordable in comparison to other brands. But are they squat proof, and do they provide comfort and room for women to do high intensity workouts while wearing them?

There are several different legging designs on the site, but all Saski leggings are made from breathable nylon and elastane and are long in length, reaching the ankles. The legging fabric is incredibly soft, and the waistband on each pairs is thick to suck in the stomach.

The combination of nylon and elastance materials ensures that women can run, jump, stretch, and squat as much as they want, without the leggings riding up and creating an uncomfortable camel toe. Every pair of leggings is tested to ensure that women can train as hard as they want and don’t have to limit themselves. This makes the leggings also suitable for pilates and yoga, since they won’t restrict women’s movements as they get themselves into different yoga positions.

Reviews for this collection have been mostly positive. Some consumers have found the legging material too thin, but this could also be seen as a positive since it means that they aren’t bulky, and so won’t create extra sweat and heat on the legs.

Hembrow herself wears a size S across all Saski clothing, including bottoms. As seen on her social media pages, she trains extremely hard when working out. The fact that she wears her own brand when exercising demonstrates its high quality and effectiveness in offering support and flexibility when it comes to intense workouts.

Saski Sports Bras

The other most popular product from the collection is the sports bra. Although limited in style options, they have been widely popular with consumers. The sports bras come in several different styles, from square and scoop neck to mesh and hooded sports bra designs.

Like the leggings, the sports bras are made from nylon and elastane, to give extra comfort. They provide a tight fit so that your bust is fully supported when doing intense exercise. You can jump and move around without worrying about support.

All of the straps on the bras are thick, offering further support. Each bra comes with removable padding, so that you can choose to pad out this area if you want to or not, depending on the size of your bust.

For more fashion concisous gym goers, the mesh sports bra is a good choice. This bra has thin straps and a sheen sleeves, so can be worn without a coverup. As well as this, there is the hooded sports bra version, which is perfect for outdoor training.

The sports bra pricing starts at around $35, offering great value for money. You can pair them easily with a pair of Saski Collection leggings, since all items are available in multiple color options. By mixing and matching your pieces, you’ll be able to easily create different gym looks to ensure you look stylish all the time when working out.

What Are The Other Activewear Pieces In The Collection?

If you have seen Tammy Hembrow clothing online, then you’ll know that this collection doesn’t just feature leggings and sports bras. There are other gym clothes available. The vast collection of tops on sale include loose tank tops, mesh tops, and crop top styles.

Each crop top varies. The tank and relaxed crop top styles are made from a mix of cotton and elastane, to give them a superior soft feeling. These styles can be worn over the top of an activewear bra, to provide extra coverage and comfort. Alternatively, the halter crop top is made from nylon and elastance, which means that it provides a tighter and more secure fit. Depending on your body type, then you can wear halter crop top without a bra underneath.

As for leisure wear, there are many products that are stylish and can be worn around the house. For the bottom half, the collection features velour pants and sweat pants that provide a looser fit around the legs, but that fit nicely on the hips thanks to elasticated drawstrings. On top there are hoodies and jackets that come in long and cropped styles.

As well as this, the collection features swimwear in various designs. The range comes in vibrant neon colors that include blue, pink, and green. Like most of the brand’s pieces, the swimwear is made from nylon and elastane, and you can mix and match all the styles around to create fun and eye-catching outfits.

The shorts in the collection are made from polyester and elastane, to provide a tight fit and accentuate the wearer’s shape. They are great for running and training. There are also boxer shorts available, for women who prefer to have a little more room around their thighs and butt.

Overall, the brand has a reasonable amount of products available for sale. There is definitely something for everyone. Each item is available in a size S-XL. The inclusivity of the brand ensures that women of anyshape will be able to find something that comes in their size and flatters their figure.

How Does Saski Compare To Other Athleisure Brands?

There are so many workout gear brands that claim to offer the best exercise clothing. Saski is a self proclaimed luxury athleisure brand, that sells its clothing at reasonable prices. When compared to other luxury brands, this company is at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

If you compare Saski with Lululemon, its leggings are at least $20 cheaper. Even though Lululemon leggings are designed more for yoga, they are made from similar material to Hembrow’s leggings. This means that both brands offer leggings that will feel and support a woman’s lower body in a similar way. However, due to Lululemon’s reputation, they can sell their items for a higher retail price.

So, when it comes to quality, Hembrow’s pieces aren’t so different, despite the lower price point. When comparing Saski with other brands, it is apparent that there is less variety and choice with Hembrow’s company. Although quantity doesn’t equal quality, for consumers, it is important to have a range of options to offer customers.

It’s important to keep in mind that Hembrow’s business is only 3 years old, so of course will have less goods on sale than other brands, and will be cheaper at the moment. However, the overall quality is good, and rivals more expensive active and leisurewear companies.

Saski Collection Review: The Final Word.

Overall, this brand is impressive. Given that it began thanks to Instagram influencer Tammy Hembrow, the quality of the athleisurewear is first-rate, and can stand its ground against other more well established companies.

With Hembrow as the face of the company, it’s no surprise that the brand has jumped from strength to strength, and is constantly adding new collections to its website. We expect that Hembrow will continue to create new pieces and expand the brand.

If there’s anything we could advise you to do, it would be to give this company a chance. If you’re considering buying some athleisure wear, then this is definitely a fantastic option that will provide you with long-lasting clothing.