Pretty Little Thing review

Pretty Little Thing Review: The Fast Fashion Brand That’s Making Waves

You’ve probably heard of Pretty Little Thing thanks to its presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. This British born fashion retailer is well-known for its large advertising budget that enables it to get big celebrity ambassadors, with the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie collaborating with and endorsing the brand.

As well as this, Pretty Little Thing (PLT) has a wide base of influencers with whom they work. This makes it hard to scroll through Facebook or Instagram without seeing several girls decked out head to toe in PLT designs, and it can sometimes feel as though every girl on the planet is wearing this label.

This fast-fashion brand is famous for its cheap prices and the ability to roll out several collections a year. Since cheap stores like Forever 21 have shut down, e-commerce businesses have been booming and PLT is one of the leading online retailers. It makes sure to keep up to date with the latest trends and styles, creating range after range that appeals to women all around the world.

The company takes inspiration from famous designers and fashion icons and readily admits to creating cheaper ‘copies’ of high-fashion pieces. The brand has been heavily criticized more recently, due to claims that it sources many of its pieces from a factory based in the UK that exploits workers and pays them a pitiful salary.

The revelations that PLT has been working with exploitative factories hasn’t seemed to hurt the brand’s appeal at all, with sales on the up, and the company’s popularity better than ever. However, with more and more people interested in ethical fashion, researching companies before they buy has become very important. Our Pretty Little Thing review will give you a rundown on the company’s ethos and products, and allow you to decide whether you want to shop here or not.

Do The Kardashians Own Pretty Little Thing?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Kardashians own PLT. Kourtney Kardashian has collaborated with the company on a few occasions, acting as the face of one of their collections. The other sisters have attended many PLT events, and worn its pieces, causing sales to skyrocket.

As well as this, the Kardashian’s have posted Instagram sponsored posts endorsing the clothing brand. PLT has strong connections with very fashionable celebrities which is why it has grown in success over the years.

However, despite having close links, the Kardashians do not own the brand. PLT is a UK based retailer and part of the BooHoo Group. Umar Kamani founded PLT in 2012 before his dad’s company purchased a majority stake in the retailer just four years later in 2016.

Many people believe that the Kardashians own PLT since the brand often copies their clothing and outfits. Kim Kardashian has even spoken out a few times, asking fast fashion companies to refrain from copying her outfits until she has been able to wear them in public. In spite of the brand essentially profiting from the fashion choices of the Kardashians, it seems that the USA’s most famous family gets on well with founder, Umar Kamani, as they have been photographed hanging out with him on several occasions.

Are Pretty Little Thing Clothes Good Quality?

PLT’s ability to produce low-cost and quickly made clothes has raised a few eyebrows in the fashion world. Designer fashion houses take months to produce high-quality clothing, and so it leads people to believe that PLT doesn’t deliver when it comes to product quality due to the materials they use and the manufacturing standards.

The majority of the brand’s pieces use polyester as the main fabric, which means that the pieces should be fairly strong and durable. Polyester can withstand a lot of washing and holds dye better than fabrics like cotton which means that a piece of clothing from PLT should stay in good condition for a reasonable amount of time. However, if you look at PLT’s website, each piece of clothing has a warning that the color may transfer due to the fabric. This is a disappointment and suggests that the product material is of lower quality.

The athletic wear from PLT is mostly made from polyester and elastane. This ensures that you’ll stay cool when working out, and indicates that the majority of their pieces are stretchy, offering comfort and a good fit. Likewise, many of the retailer’s dresses are made with this material.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to using polyester. Clothing made from this material needs to be washed frequently, since sweat can cling to the fabric, causing the clothing to smell. This is one downside to shopping with fast fashion brands since they use a lot of polyester in their pieces, which doesn’t have the most appealing aroma.

For those of you who like to wear comfortable jeans, you’ll be pleased to know that all of PLT’s jeans are made with at least 70% cotton. Cotton is good for denim clothing since it isn’t as stretchy and won’t lose its shape. The brand’s knitwear doesn’t use any wool or cashmere and instead contains acrylic to create a light and soft feel. Although this man-made material makes a good replacement for animal products, it isn’t perishable, which makes it problematic for the environment.

Overall, if you want to purchase something of a decent standard that won’t cost you a lot of money, Pretty Little Thing, is a good option. The lower price points of the products reflect the quality of the material. Although the pieces will serve you well for short periods, if you want to invest in a jumpsuit, a pair of jeans, or a dress that can be a staple closet piece for a long time, you might want to look elsewhere.

Are Pretty Little Thing Items True To Size?

No one wants to order something online, only for it to arrive and find out it doesn’t fit properly. If you search Pretty Little Thing review online, then you’ll find that there are many disgruntled consumers out there who have many issues with regard to the brand’s sizing. To deal with this and avoid customer complaints, PLT provides detailed information on its site to ensure that everyone gets the size that they need.

PLT sells clothing in US sizes 0-26 and has a special plus-size collection to ensure that every woman’s body is catered for. As well as this, the site contains a comprehensive size chart so that you can work out which size will be best for you. A lot of customer reviews have stated that items have been too small, so it’s important you check out the size chart before purchase.

On each piece of clothing features an image of a model, with her height and size details next to it. This helps customers to see how the clothes will look on, and gives them a better idea of the company’s sizing. One good thing about PLT is that it uses a variety of models to showcase items so that you can see how the clothing looks on girls with curves, as well as women with more slender figures. The retailer definitely aims to cater to everyone.

PLT doesn’t just sell clothes, but also shoes. From trainers to heels, the fashion giant creates shoes in US sizes 5-10. If you’re a size smaller or bigger than these options, you’ll be better off buying something from a shoe company.

Overall, it seems from customer reviews that PLT clothing runs on the small size. However, if you have any doubts about your purchase, make sure to check out the sizing guide before check out. This will clear up any doubts you have and ensure you’re ordering the best fit.

Is Pretty Little Thing A Trustworthy Company?

The reputation of businesses is integral to their success. When it comes to fast fashion companies, consumers want to make sure that the items they order will be of good quality and will arrive on time, with no issues. Unfortunately, some Pretty Little Thing reviews present a negative and untrustworthy image of the brand.

The company has faced a negative reaction from fans due to its shipping and delivery service. For many, packages can get lost, or arrive late which causes them issues. As well as this, many online comments have spoken of the quality of the items upon arrival, and that they have had holes or marks on them. This indicates that there could be an issue with quality control and therefore a manufacturing problem.

It’s not uncommon for a business to occasionally face difficulties in this area, and many tend to lay the blame with delivery services. However, the way in which a company responds to these types of issues can tell you whether they are to be trusted or not.

In light of complaints about delivery and return options, PLT has stepped up their customer service. The company offers a virtual customer service contact area on the site so that you can get your queries about deliveries answered on the spot. If you’re unhappy with an item upon delivery, you can return it to PLT and receive a full refund. Although UK customers can return their unwanted items for free, the retailer’s return policy means that US customers must pay a $4 return fee.

In terms of whether the brand is trustworthy or not, it seems that things can go wrong with deliveries and returns. However, this can happen to any business and the majority of PLT customers are happy with their purchases. What’s more, PLT has a specially allocated customer service department to help improve the customer experience, showing that it is trying to resolve the issues that have been highlighted by consumers.

Is Pretty Little Thing An Ethical Company?

We mentioned at the start of this review, the fact that PLT has been linked to unethical working conditions at one of the retailer’s factories. Since fast fashion is all about fulfilling orders and creating new items as quickly as possible, the factories that PLT work with have to deliver good results in a short amount of time.

Not only do factory workers earn below minimum wage for their efforts, but many of the people working in these clothing factories have to deal with less than desirable conditions. Places can lack proper health and safety features, which causes issues.

Since the truth of the clothing’s source has been revealed, the owner of PLT has said that factory owners decide the conditions and salaries of their workers and that PLT has no say in it. However, it seems that in an effort to keep up with the fast-paced industry, these factories have little choice.

Luckily, PLT does give back in other ways and donates money to important causes frequently. This shows that the retailer is making an effort to make a positive contribution in any way it can. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cancel out the issue of the factories it uses, which can be problematic for consumers who like to shop ethically.

Pretty Little Thing Review: The Final Word

PLT is without a doubt appealing to masses of women thanks to its stylish collections that are always on-trend. There is a lot of variety available, and the clothing is made for women of all sizes. On top of this, the brand is cheap, meaning that you can save money by buying PLT items.

However, in terms of quality and ethics, PLT might not be the best place to shop. If you want to invest in good-quality pieces, that you can wear again and again, then it’s worth spending a little bit more money elsewhere. Likewise, if you’re an ethical shopper, then you may want to explore other retailers who are transparent about the source and manufacturing of their clothing.