Fabletics Review: An Honest Review of Kate Hudson’s Line

In the age of social media, the power of celebrity is more obvious than ever. Celebrities are no longer famous for just being actors and singers. Nowadays, with the help of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, stars can branch out and create highly successful makeup and clothing lines.

It’s common for famous people to use their name and collaborate with already established brands on a collection, but more and more are taking control into their own hands. Kate Hudson is one notable actress, who co-founded the successful Fabletics athleisurewear company back in 2013. What started out as a small fitness line has grown into a major athletic wear brand.

There are several reasons why this company is so popular. One is that Kate Hudson has a great appeal with consumers. She’s relatable, in good shape, and has a genuine interest in fitness. However, star appeal isn’t enough for a company to succeed, so Fabletics must be doing something right in terms of quality.

A lot of people are skeptical of celebrity-owned brands, and rightly so. More often than not, companies simply pay celebrities to act as the public face, when in reality they are not involved at all behind the scenes. On the other hand, we shouldn’t discount all celebrity-owned businesses, as we could be missing out on some great buys if we do so.

With a lot of skepticism surrounding Fabletics, due to its celebrity status and its unique VIP membership plan, we’ve compiled this decisive and extensive review in order to tell you whether it is worth all the buzz or not. Whether you’re interested in buying something from this brand or have been a loyal customer for years, we’re here to let you know if it’s worth continuing to shop here or not. You’ll no longer have any doubts or questions about this highly popular athletic wear brand!

Is Fabletics Good Quality?

Working out is an extreme commitment, that requires dedication, effort, and stamina. Every fitness fanatic knows that no one ever got results from taking days off. Likewise, every exercise lover knows of the importance of equipment and clothing when it comes to getting results.

Fabletics is liked by a wide range of people, and this is one of its key strengths – it appeals to both a young and older demographic. This is in part due to marketing techniques, and also due to the range of styles. It’s also thanks to the quality of the clothing. But are the clothes actually high-quality? And will they support you and enhance your workout routine?

Firstly, the brand employs its own fabrics, that have been specially designed in-house. Each of these fabrics is made to offer extra support and better each workout session. Depending on the type of workout you’re doing, you can choose a certain fabric type and browse clothing in this way. This is a great way to help customers personalize and tailor their gym wear to suit their specific needs and makes for a better shopping experience.

The fabrics are:

  • PowerHold: This offers intense compression for the most powerful support and hold, due to the polyester and elastane content.
  • Motion 365: A material that supports and fits snugly, whilst offering great breathability.
  • UltraCool: A material with a silky smooth satin feel that absorbs moisture and sweat.
  • SculptKnit: Extremely flattering to all shapes, with strategic breathability.
  • PureLuxe: Super soft material that is stretchy. This makes it great for yoga pants and Pilates-based exercise products.
  • Seamless: Easy to move in and lightweight, making it great for light exercise and casual days.

The range of material choice is a great way to help shoppers, especially since the guide explains to customers what type of exercise each fabric is best suited to. Each fabric is made from either polyester and elastane or nylon and elastane. Both polyester and nylon are strong and flexible materials that are made to be long-lasting. Elastane also provides stretch and is an essential part of most workout clothes.

So, from the material description, it seems as though Fabletics is good quality. But what do customers think? On www.Trustpilot.com, the brand has generally good reviews with a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Many consumers say that they are impressed with the quality of leggings as they “stay up when you’re training”. Others say that the quality of the products is why they keep on shopping with the company.

Overall, Fabletics delivers when it comes to quality workout clothes. Made from great fabrics that have been created after a lot of thought has gone into them, the athleisure wear is long-lasting and works as it should during exercise.

Is Fabletics Only For Women?

Since Kate Hudson is the face of the company and has a strong female following, it’s normal to assume that Fabletics is a woman’s only athletic apparel brand. When this company launched, it was indeed a brand that created fashionable yet affordable workout clothes for women. However, little by little, the business has evolved and now includes a menswear line.

The men’s clothing section launched in 2015, just two years after the brand began. Like with the womenswear, the men’s workout clothing is inclusive and varied, to suit a range of sizes and personal tastes. There are tops, bottoms, and underwear for men as well as workout gear accessories too.

Although the menswear line doesn’t contain as many options as the women’s, it’s extremely popular. Celebrities such as Kevin Hart have acted as spokespeople for the men’s line. The use of celebrities like Hart is a great marketing tool since he appeals to a lot of men, and an endorsement from him can really help to sell products.

Is Fabletics True To Size?

Fabletics is one fitness brand that promotes diversity and inclusiveness. For this reason, you’d expect the company to have a big size range when it comes to its workout wear. Fortunately, it does! This business is a great place to shop if you’re looking for plus size workout clothing or if you need fitness apparel that’s specifically catered to petite or tall frames.

The brand offers women’s activewear in sizes XXS to 4X. This equates to US women sizes 4 to 32. Menswear is available in sizes X-SMALL to XX-LARGE. With such an extensive size range, there’s no wonder why this brand is incredibly popular with consumers since there is something for each body type. Lots of plus size women and postnatal mothers love the clothing since it offers them fashionable workout pieces that complement their figures.

It’s clear that sizing choices are there. But are the pieces themselves true to size? From looking at customer reviews on Trustpilot, it seems as though Fabletics has got the sizing right. Many consumers write that pieces such as leggings and sports bras are a good fit and true to size. This is good for men and women who like a supportive fit, but don’t want to feel as though they are wearing a pair of Spandex to work out in. The pieces are not too tight, but neither are they too loose.

However, for some customers, it is hard to know whether they are an S or an M size. Luckily, Fabletics has a detailed sizing chart on its site. If customers are unsure of what size they are and want to make sure, they can check this size chart to double-check. This is great for both customers and Fabletics, since shoppers won’t have to return items due to sizing issues, and the company can rest assured that consumers are satisfied.

Is Fabletics Stylish?

As we all know, sometimes a part of how we feel about ourselves is down to how confident we feel in our clothing. The same applies to workout attire. If you feel as though your body looks fit, then you’re more likely to embrace a workout session, have more motivation, and push yourself to the fullest.

Fabletics offers a wide range of attractive and stylish outfits and individual pieces that will make the wearer feel great about themselves. For example, the womenswear is full of well-made leggings that slim down the waist and lift up the butt. Sports bras are not only supportive and tight but come in great designs, ranging from classic and simple to pretty.

The men’s pieces are also stylish. There is a range of top styles so that men can cover up or show off their muscles should they want to. The pieces work well as both athletic and leisure clothing, so you can mix and match them with different outfits and wear them in various settings.

Whether you like patterns or block colors, there is something for you at Fabletics. Not only are the patterns varied, but women’s leggings, sports bras, and tops come in various styles and cuts. You can get crop tops to show off your ripped abs, or something a little looser and more comfortable if you’re returning to the gym after a hiatus from exercise.

The brand fully caters to a wide demographic, ranging from late teens to middle-aged gym-goers. Whether you love to be vibrant and expressive with your clothing or you prefer more muted and quiet pieces, you can find something here.

Are Fabletics Leggings Worth It?

Workout leggings are easily the most purchased piece of athletic apparel, and 99% of leggings sold across all brands are for women. This is reflected in the number of options across all athleisure companies, and the speed at which companies are constantly releasing new legging ranges.

Since leggings are the most popular workout item, it’s worth investigating whether Fabletics create pairs that are worth buying. We’ve taken a look at the brand’s pieces and what it offers to its customers to let you know whether a pair of them is worth investing in or not.

  • Firstly, there is a range of choices available on the Fabletics site. A lot of fitness brands offer three or four styles when it comes to leggings, but not Fabletics. This brand offers over 100 different designs, and each of these comes in different color and style options. Talk about variety!
  • The Fabletics fabrics are tailored to suit YOUR needs. We’ve already discussed the quality of Fabletic’s fabric. But this brand is truly phenomenal in its pursuit to provide women with the correct type of Fabletics legging for the most suitable sport. Each legging is made with the best fabric and design for the sport it’s intended to be worn for. This will help to greatly advance workout sessions and make them of a much higher quality.
  • Many of the brand’s leggings are sweatproof! For so many of us, working up a sweat is the hardest part and can leave us not wanting to exercise or with a desire to cut a workout short. Luckily, Fabletics creates leggings that employ high-quality sweat-wicking technology. These pieces absorb moisture, ensuring that when you work out you don’t feel clammy and what’s more, you smell less.
  • Every single pair of Fabletics leggings are squat-proof. If you’re in the gym, or at a yoga class, the chances are that you don’t want your leggings to split in the middle of an intense stretch, squat, or lunge. Thanks to the company’s use of strong yet flexible materials in its clothing like polyester and nylon, this won’t happen! Both of these textiles are well-known to be supple fibers. When used in leggings, they can bend and return to their original shape, making them excellent for women who love to squat a lot during a fitness routine.
  • Fabletics creates leggings that are made for everyone. Whether you’re tall, petite, plus size, or have just had a baby, there are plenty of size and shape options. The brand has even created a limited maternity range, for women who want to undertake light exercise or gentle yoga during pregnancy. No-one is excluded from enjoying everything in the brand’s collection.
  • Finally, Fabletics leggings are affordable. When the brand launched, its main mission was to offer women the option to purchase stylish and comfortable workout wear. The brand has never strayed from this goal and is still creating great items at reasonable prices. You can buy a pair of leggings for as little as $35, and there is a fantastic offer for new customers, who can buy two pairs of leggings for $24. This is a real bargain and a major selling point of the company.

So, if you want to invest in a decent pair of leggings, Fabletics is a fantastic choice. Whether you want a running legging or good quality yoga pants, you’ll find whatever you need here.

What Is The Fabletics VIP Membership?

We’ve looked at some major aspects of the brand already: its use of materials and how it uses tailor-made fabric in its pieces. As well as this, we’ve covered the brand’s diverse range of sizes and styles. So far, it’s hard to fault Fabletics on much, if anything.

However, there is one aspect of this business that has caused a lot of outrage among customers and that is its VIP membership program. If you’ve looked at any other Fabletics reviews then you’ll know that this is a hot topic of conversation. At a first glance, this VIP program seems like a great option if you choose to become a VIP member. However, many consumers have been left feeling duped by the monthly membership.

The membership is a monthly subscription service that makes you a VIP member. When you’re a member, you get access to great VIP perks on the site, including:

  • New, first-time buyer offers.
  • Early access to new products.
  • Free gifts.
  • 50% on all other products, anytime and anywhere.

This sounds like a good deal, and almost too good to be true, right? Unfortunately, for many it is. Here’s how the VIP membership subscription model works:

  • By signing up for a VIP membership, you are agreeing to Fabletics to charge your credit card the cost of $49.95 every month. This money is then added to your Fabletics account, where it becomes store credit in your VIP member account. It never expires, so you can spend it when you want to, so long as you use it to place Fabletics clothing orders.
  • If you don’t want to spend $49.95 every month, or can’t afford to you, there is a way to avoid this once you become a VIP member. VIP members must shop (i.e. buy something from Fabletics) or “skip the month” before the 5th of every money. If members don’t then their cards are automatically charged.

Is Fabletics A Scam?

The Fabletics VIP Membership program has led many to label the company a ‘scam’ and ‘fraudulent’. News outlets such as Buzzfeed have investigated this membership and its legality. While it is perfectly legal, since customers need to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the membership, many consumers have been blindsided when they’ve noticed the $49.95 credit card charge. This is definitely a cause for concern.

A lot of customers feel deceived because Fabletics cleverly markets its VIP membership to customers. Upon your first visit to the website, every single customer is given the option to check out as a VIP member, since this gives you a first-time offer of two items for the price of $24. However, by choosing this option, you automatically sign up for a monthly subscription, often without realizing you have done so.

Although you can “skip a month” and save your credit card from being charged a lot of money, many customers either forget or are reminded only a couple of days before the cut off date. It appears as though Fabletics relies on people’s busy day-to-day lives and hectic schedules so that they don’t remember to skip the month, every month.

Even though when people are charged, the money taken from their card becomes store credit, many people still feel this is unfair. Not everyone wants to spend $49.95 every month on leggings and other fitness apparel when that money could be put to better use.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received countless complaints from customers regarding the VIP membership. Over the last 12 months, the BBB has dealt with 303 customer complaints, with almost all relating to this topic. Some comments from disgruntled shoppers include, “DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE VIP MEMBERSHIP” and “Fabletics is one of the worst companies I’ve ever purchased anything from.”

Customers aren’t pleased with this program, and it’s had a negative effect on the brand’s overall image.

Is Fabletics Membership Hard To Cancel?

If you accidentally find yourself a member of the Fabletics VIP program but don’t want to spend $49.95 every month, you can cancel it. The company offers a couple of ways in which you can do so, but you’ll have to find these on the brand’s website, which is not as user-friendly as some other fitness brand’s sites.

Firstly, there is a live chat that connects you to a representative from the member services team, where you can cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can call the member services team. Both of these services run from 9 am to 9 pm EST.

Although there are these two options to cancel your membership, many customers have stated that it is incredibly difficult to do so. Firstly, it involves long phone calls and conversations. There is no simple option online via the site that allows you to opt-out.

Secondly, customers also complain about the customer service from the member services team. Many insist that they’ve tried to cancel their membership and have either been point-blank refused or laughed at by the member services team over a phone call. The company seems to have a big issue with customer service agents who don’t take complaints seriously.

If you peruse the Fabletics page on the BBB website, there are a lot of consumers who state they have tried and tried again to cancel, without luck. So, although Fabletics and its VIP members program isn’t a scam and is perfectly legal, customers feel cheated by the program. It’s easy to sign up to, but difficult to leave. Plus, if you forget to skip a month, then you’ll end up losing a lot of money from your bank account.

Can I Buy Fabletics Without A Membership?

From what we’ve deduced while researching this brand, it’s probably worth avoiding getting a VIP status when you want to buy some workout clothes. But can you purchase Fabletics items without a membership? The answer is, yes!

After adding the items you want to your shopping cart on the site, you should check out as a regular customer. This avoids activating the VIP membership, ensuring you don’t sign up for anything you don’t want. Although at checkout there is an attractive discount deal to take advantage of, we recommend avoiding it, since there is a catch. No discounts are worth being charged $49.95 every month.

Should I Buy Clothes From Fabletics?

This review set out to be honest and unbiased, so that exercise lovers can make an informed choice when choosing new athletic wear. We’ve weighed up the good and the bad about the company and the bottom line is that this is a great activewear business, with an unfortunate membership service. Here are the good and bad aspects of Fabletics.

The Good:

  • Diverse styles and sizes. The brand caters to a big range of people.
  • Fantastic prices.
  • All pieces are made from high-quality material, which ensures that the apparel is tough and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Co-founded by Kate Hudson and endorsed by celebrities.

The Bad:

  • A confusing VIP members program, that costs a lot of money to be a part of.
  • Bad customer service.
  • A slow and ill-organized website interface.

All in all, if you want to buy something from this brand, be it leggings, a sports bra, a t-shirt, or a pair of joggers, we recommend doing so. The standard of products is good, and you’ll be able to create contemporary yet practical workout outfits. However, we recommend against joining the membership program. Unless you are certain that you’ll remember to skip a month when you don’t want to buy clothing, or that you’ll be happy to have potentially hundreds of dollars worth of store credit in your account, then it’s not a good idea.

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