Alphalete Review

Alphalete Review: How Good Is This Athletic Wear?

Nowadays, the clothes you wear in the gym reflect your personality and lifestyle. Many of us are careful with what we choose to wear when working out as we feel as though it directly expresses our approach to fitness and health. For this reason, many brands market themselves as ‘tribes’ or a ‘family’, that people want to be a part of.

One such brand that has heavily relied on clever marketing tools to grow its success is Alphalete Athletics. This well-known brand is famous on social media and depends heavily on its army of loyal customers and influencers with whom it works to promote its athletic wear. Wearing an Alphalete piece of clothing is like being part of a special and exclusive group of fitness enthusiasts.

Although a lot of people buy products from this brand because the company markets its pieces as exclusive and must-have items, how many customers actually shop here because they actually believe the pieces are of good quality? We’ve taken an in-depth look at this brand to provide you with a no holds barred review to answer the question everyone is asking: is Alphalete a good brand?

Who Owns Alphalete?

A business is never successful without a strong leader behind it. This can definitely be said for Alphalete Athletics, the success of which can be largely attributed to its founder, Christian Guzman.

Guzman gained fame as a popular fitness Youtuber and his success on this platform enabled him to open a gym. As his popularity increased amongst both physical and virtual clients and fans, he started to sell fitness wear. Eventually, this led to him launching Alphalete in 2015.

Guzman used his powerful platform to launch the fitness line, and it has grown from strength to strength since it first became available. The brand now relies on savvy marketing tools to ensure its gym clothes remain popular amongst gym-goers. The brand works with paid influencers from around the world who are known as Alphalete athletes. This ensures that the company has a wide reach across the globe.

As well as this, the sponsored athletes are extremely diverse, which means that the brand does not exclude anyone from feeling as though they can buy the clothes. By working with a range of athletes, all of whom have different bodies, the company ensures that as many customers as possible feel like they too can look great and get good results when wearing Alphalete gym pieces.

So, Christian Guzman has created a very popular business model that has enjoyed tremendous success. But the real question is, are the clothes any good?

Is Alphalete A Good Brand?

So, is Alphalete Athletics a good brand in terms of quality? If you take a look at customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot, the brand only has a 2.8 out of 5 stars rating. The comments are divided, with almost half of customers saying that the brand is excellent and the other half saying that quality has decreased over the past few years.

In order to decipher whether the brand is good or not, we have to consider many factors such as the quality of materials, sizing, the effectiveness of the gym wear, and the brand’s customer service and satisfaction.

Is Alphalete Clothing Made From Good Materials?

When we work out, it’s essential that we wear robust and durable clothing that won’t easily wear or tear. Gym wear’s durability is down to the use of textiles in it. The amount of material in each piece can affect how stretchy or comfortable it is. We’ve looked at some of Alphalete’s most popular pieces and their material content to see whether they are high-quality or not.

  • The Men’s Training Tight is a popular option that comes in five colors. These tights are made with a blend of polyester and spandex. Polyester is strong and ensures that the tights will not easily rip. As well as this, it is stretchy, which makes it great for squatting and stretching. Spandex offers support to muscles and will help you to feel the burn when working out.
  • The womenswear pants are made of different materials based on the Women’s Alphalux Essential and Pocket Leggings are made from nylon and spandex. These again offer a lot of stretch, but also ensure that the wearer’s booty is firmly supported by the leggings. The waistband also ensures that the stomach looks toned and flat.
  • A pair of Women’s OG Revival Leggings contain polyamide, polyester, and elastane. This blend guarantees that the leggings are very long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. These leggings are great for intense workouts in the gym.

As well as creating good-quality leggings, there are other pieces from the line that are very good in terms of their material makeup.

  • The Women’s Crop Tank is made from cotton and elastane. Cotton is a breathable and good fiber since it doesn’t retain sweat odor as much as polyester does.
  • The Surface Infinity Sports Bra is made from the brand’s special surface fabric. This fabric is a combination of spandex and polyester to ensure good support and shape retention, which is incredibly important for women’s busts.

All in all, it’s clear to see that the company takes into account the effectiveness of different materials when it comes to certain pieces. This is important and ensures that different gym clothes work effectively based on who will wear them and what activity the wearer will be doing. The different material blends as mentioned above are common in the world of fitness wear and work well when it comes to athletic apparel.

Does Alphalete Run Small?

A lot of customer complaints on review sites like Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot Inc mention how Alphalete Athletics create items that are too small or don’t fit properly.

It’s true that Alphalete’s clothing is tight. Most of the gym leggings contain spandex, a material that is made to cling snugly to the body. This can sometimes create a compressed feeling that many people dislike. For this reason, it’s important to check the material in leggings before you buy them. It might be better to purchase a size up from your usual size if spandex is one of the materials used.

The brand is pretty good when it comes to offering a range of size choices.

  • Womenswear runs from sizes XXS-XXL and menswear from XS-XXL.
  • Although the company doesn’t offer an extensive size guide on its website to help customers work out which fit is the best for them, it offers a description of how some pieces should fit. For example, men’s joggers are made for a loose but tapered fit.
  • However, women’s leggings are described as fitting true to the company’s standard fit. This can be confusing for new customers, who are clueless about what Alphalete’s normal fit is.

Are Alphalete Leggings Sweat Proof?

Gym clothing needs to be effective in order for it to be considered good. Women’s Alphalete leggings are one of the brand’s most popular items on the site, which suggests that they must be effective when it comes to intense workouts.

  • All pairs of leggings from Alpahlete are squat proof, thanks to the perfect combination of textiles used in each pair. This means that you can squat, stretch, lunge, and jump in the leggings without ripping.
  • Not all of the leggings are marked as sweat proof. However, both the Women’s Alphalux Pocket Leggings and Alphalux Essential Leggings contain sweat-wicking technology, that ensures you don’t get clammy from an intense fitness session.
  • As well as having these features, all of the women’s leggings, including the popular Revival Leggings have high-waists to give the wearer a gorgeous hour-glass shape.

Alphalete clothing isn’t just effective in terms of offering support and flattering figures. It’s also extremely stylish, another reason why it appeals so much to a wide demographic.

  • There is a range of men’s top styles including t-shirts, stringers, cutoffs, long sleeves, and hoodies. All of these are available in strong colors with the Alphalete logo displayed centrally.
  • The women’s pieces come in a variety of dark and light colors, assuring that there is a lot of variety for women. This brand is not afraid to experiment with design and this is reflected by the way in which it rejects typical gender stereotypes and instead offers women gym wear that isn’t super girly and pink.

How Long Does It Take For Alphalete To Deliver?

If you’re fairly certain you want to purchase something from Alphalete, it’s a good idea to know more about the company’s shipping and returns policies. E-commerce businesses make shopping easier for everyone, but it is a pain that consumers have to sit around and wait for days before their orders arrive.

Alphalete’s shipping policy is fairly vague. Alphalete asks customers to allow 4-7 business days for all orders to be fulfilled. The company lets shoppers know when their items are on the way via a confirmation email. However, different courier services may affect the length of delivery time.

You can return an item within 30 days of purchase. You’ll be refunded, assuming that you return your purchase in a good condition. Shipping costs are not included in the refund and Alphalete does not refund items that were bought in the sale.

The company offers customer service to all shoppers who have issues or problems with their orders and consumers can get in touch via the website or through one of the brand’s social media handles.

Unfortunately, some customers have had negative experiences with Alphalete’s customer service. One disgruntled shopper leaving a negative review on Trustpilot that read “Customer service is awful”. However, it is important to not judge the entire brand off of one negative review. On the whole, it seems as though Alphalete operates a fairly transparent system when it comes to customer sales and deliveries.

Is It Worth Shopping With Alphalete?

So, is it worth buying an Alphalete branded item? The short answer is, yes, we think so. The brand offers a range of items that cater to different athletes and gym-goers. You can find the perfect leggings if you prefer high-intensity cardio sessions or more strength-based workouts.

As well as this, there is a real sense of community within the Alphalete world. Once you have pieces from the brand’s collection, you’ll likely feel more confident in your appearance and more motivated to work out. The brand is all about fit and healthy lifestyles, and the clothing is an extension of this. We think Alphalete is a decent brand and would recommend it.

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