Astoria Activewear vs Gymshark

Astoria Activewear vs Gymshark: Which Of These Brands Is The Most Trustworthy?

Shopping for fitness apparel online is always risky. You can never be sure how things are going to look when they turn up at your door. That’s why unbiased and honest reviews are so important. Many people turn to Trustpilot to review companies and businesses. Most of these reviews are vetted, which means that they are authentic and reflect real opinions.

However, it’s common for some fake reviews to slide through the cracks on review websites like Trustpilot. One talked about fitness company that has caused quite a stir online is Astoria Activewear. This brand has been called by many a scam, and fraudulent. However, there are many favorable reviews of the brand online which suggest otherwise.

Gymshark (GS) is often compared to other online activewear brands since it is arguably one of the most successful and popular gym wear companies out there. Both companies create stylish looking pieces that look great, but are they both equally as good when it comes to quality? And can these brands be trusted to provide you with long-lasting pieces that help you work out better?

What Is Astoria Activewear?

Astoria Activewear is a USA activewear brand. There is not much known about the company’s owner or beginnings, but it has grown a good following. The brand creates women’s only gym clothing, that looks cute but works well.

The brand is different from others since it operates a representative scheme. This is when customers can apply to become reps and earn incentives and a commission from sales of products that they promote. They simply need to showcase and advertise the clothing line online or through word of mouth and get people to purchase pieces of clothing from the brand.

For some people, this aspect of Astoria is Activewear is offputting since it suggests that people leaving positive reviews of the clothing on its site and other platforms are only doing so because it will earn them extra cash. Although this is a great way for the brand to get free advertising on social media platforms, it is a double-edged sword since it can be hard to work out which customers are genuinely impressed with the products.

What Is So Special About Gymshark?

We have written about Gymshark several times on this site since it is world-famous. Gymshark is a British-born fitness apparel brand, that began in 2012. Since then, it has grown into a brand worth over $1 billion. The company was e-commerce for the first few years of its existence but in early 2020, it opened its first store in London. This demonstrates the appeal it has to customers.

The brand is special because it was one of the first of its kind. It was started by Ben Francis, a young guy from the UK, in his garage. The brand appeals to people because it creates stylish workout clothes at extremely good prices. The owner of the company, and the in-house designers, understand the demographic they are creating pieces for and what people want.

With nearly 5 million Instagram followers, this brand has no signs of slowing down. Fitness fanatics, influencers, and people who just love good clothing are all fans of this brand because it delivers on quality and substance.

The brand is famous for its womenswear. Two-thirds of GS customers are women, and this is mainly due to the company’s famous seamless leggings, which offer great contouring and support to women’s legs and butts. So, there are many reasons why Gymshark is special and its online popularity is a direct reflection of that.

Gymshark v Astoria Activewear: Comparing The Brands

It’s already obvious that Gymshark has a better reputation than Astoria Activewear, in terms of a customer base. But let’s put that to one side and focus on some other important factors, namely products and materials, sizes, price, and customer satisfaction. We’ve done the research to bring you the facts about each brand.

Range Of Products

Variety is the spice of life. This common saying can be applied to pretty much anything, including clothing brands. When we shop, we want to know that we can choose from a wide selection of products. So, do these two brands offer a lot of variation with regard to this?

Astoria Activewear: A glance at this company’s website tells you immediately that it is a woman’s only brand, and the catalog of items is not as wide-ranging as Gymshark’s.

  • The brand sells tank and crop tops, shorts, sports bras, and leggings.
  • There are a few styles for each different clothing item, and two main ranges: Astoria Seamless, and Astoria Luxe.
  • The seamless range is designed to envelop the wearer’s body better and create a tight fit.
  • The luxe range aims to offer luxury materials that feel like butter against the skin.
  • Within both ranges are legging, sports bra, and top options. This means you can create entire matching outfits.

Gymshark: Gymshark creates pieces for both men and women, and sells many items, in varying designs.

  • Menswear pieces that include pants, hoodies, stringers, tights, and more.
  • Womenswear pieces such as leggings, tops, sports bras, swimwear, and underwear.
  • Accessories like water bottles, training equipment for the gym, and bags.
  • Different collections for men and women, taking into account the differences between male and female bodies, and how clothes need to be manufactured to suit these.

Our View: Without a doubt, Gymshark is the winner when it comes to more variety. You can buy a complete outfit for yourself on this site, as the brand even sells underwear and socks. Astoria Activewear is lacking many key items, and since it is only a womenswear brand, it doesn’t have the range that GS does.

Designs And Style

We all want to look good and this desire to have stylish clothing pieces doesn’t stop at gym wear. Some of us prefer simple and cool looking pieces while others enjoy wearing super cute outfits. Taste is personal and something that is hard to assess.

Astoria Activewear: Made for women, this apparel line features both bright and more muted, pastel colors. There are matching pink crop top and legging sets, and bright yellow outfits that will surely make you stand out.

  • The range offers a lot of girly pieces, for women who want to look extra feminine. There is the Astoria Luxe Scrunch Bow Legging, which comes in a variety of colors and has a big bow located at the back.
  • As well as the above, the range features leggings that have contour and scrunch features on the booty, which enhance the wearer’s derriere.
  • The range of matching top and leggings allows women to show off their femininity and still look good while working out.
  • However, the clothing line seems to only make items for ultra-feminine women.

Gymshark: This fitness wear is bold, cool, and makes use of a variety of colors and designs to create long-lasting and wearable pieces. There is a range of styles on offer to suit a variety of people.

  • Variety of men’s tanks and t-shirt styles.
  • Various pant styles including leggings, running shorts, and joggers. Different lengths and a variety of tightness.
  • Many pieces are emblazoned with the Gymshark logo.
  • Bright and muted color options.
  • Womenswear is a mixture of feminine and less overtly girly pieces for women, to inspire confidence in women.
  • The use of contouring materials in both men and womenswear to create clothing that highlights the best parts of the wearer’s body.
  • Variety of low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise legging options for women.
  • Pieces that can be worn at the gym, or in casual settings as athleisure wear.

Our View: In terms of design variety, Gymshark definitely offers more. They have a wide variety of cool cuts and fits for both men and women. Astoria Activewear also features nice designs, but these might not be great for women who want to look stylish yet serious when it comes to working out. The clothing is definitely catered to ultra-girly women meaning that other women who don’t like this super cute style, may feel that there is nothing for them.

Material Quality

Not only are factors like design and range of options important, but so are things like the quality of the material used. When we buy something, we want to ensure it will be long-lasting and is suitable for us to do intense workouts and stretches without it tearing or getting ruined.

Astoria Activewear: One of the worrying aspects of this brand is the lack of transparency it offers in certain areas. One of these is the absence of material information on its website. The brand doesn’t state exactly what textiles are used in its pieces but offers descriptions in place of this.

  • Buttery-soft feel fabric.
  • Ribbed texturing which offers non-slip movements.
  • Wick sweat fabric.

Gymshark: This brand provides many details of the materials it uses. As well as this, the company makes sure to provide thorough descriptions of how the pieces work to benefit the person wearing them when they are working out.

  • Depending on the clothes, the material used will change. For example, the brand’s popular Original Seamless Sports Bra is made from nylon, polyester, and elastane, which makes it flexible and breathable.
  • Men’s joggers are predominantly made from cotton which makes them extremely comfortable.
  • Legging options for both men and women feature nylon. This is a strong and flexible material, that is great for intense workouts.
  • More importantly, the mix of materials in the leggings makes GS pieces squat proof.

Our View: For us, Gymshark is far superior in terms of quality. This is mainly due to the fact that the brand includes a breakdown of every textile used in its clothes. This helps consumers when purchasing since they may prefer a certain material over another. As well as this, it shows customers that the quantities of each material used have been carefully selected to create pieces that gym-proof.


We all want quality but we don’t want to spend a lot of money on gym wear. Here’s a breakdown of the costs of each brand.

Astoria Activewear: This company’s products aren’t extremely expensive, but they definitely aren’t cheap either.

  • Women’s leggings range from $64.99 – $69.99.
  • Sports bra options retail at $51.99 – $59.99.

Gymshark: If you’re looking for a variety of prices then this company is probably better for your wallet. There is a range of price points so that you can find something that is right for you.

  • Women’s leggings range from $25 – $65.
  • Men’s pants and leggings range from $30 – $55.
  • Sports bra prices from $25 – $50.

Our View: Gymshark is definitely the better option in terms of pricing. If you want to buy something of good quality but not break the bank, then GS is definitely the obvious choice.

Sizing Options

It’s essential that brands cater to different sizes and shapes. Many gym wear brands have begun to do so, but not all of them take into account the needs of plus-size customers.

Astoria Activewear: Astoria offers its pieces in sizes XS-XL. They provide a sizing chart on the website which indicates measurements so that customers can find the right-sized clothes.

Gymshark: Like Astoria, GS offers pieces in sizes XS-XL for women and S-XXL for men. Again, they have a comprehensive size guide so that the measurements for each size are available for shoppers.

Our View: Both brands could do more when it comes to size. More and more plus-size shoppers are keen to get fit and having access to good quality gym wear is an essential part of this.

Customer Experience

The experience for consumers is a vital part of what a brand offers, and it is essential that all customers are fully satisfied with purchasing, shipping, and orders. We’ve looked at both brand’s websites and have looked at customer reviews in order to tell you which company offers the best overall experience for shoppers.

Astoria Activewear: On Trustpilot, this company has a 4.8 rating. However, it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Consumers on Trustpilot say that the quality of clothes is good.
  • The BBB has not accredited Astoria and that they have received a number of complaints about negative product quality and sizing.
  • The company offers a store credit return option. This means consumers don’t get a refund and instead can purchase another item if they are not happy with their order.
  • Customers only have 10 days to return unwanted items and have to pay to return these.

Gymshark: Like Astoria, Gymshark also has a 4.8 Trustpilot rating. The brand also has many Instagram followers, indicating how popular the company is with consumers.

  • Customers on Trustpilot are happy with the fit and style of products and rave about the customer service.
  • They offer free returns on all orders and will refund customers who are unhappy with purchases.
  • However, delivery costs range from $75-$150.

Our View: You have to pay a lot to get Gymshark pieces delivered to your door. However, the company’s return policy is a lot better than Astoria’s. The store credit option means that you can only exchange pieces for others, so once you have purchased something from the company, you’ll never get your money back if something is wrong.

The Final Word on Gymshark V Astoria Activewear

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality, and fashionable gym wear from a trusted company, shop with Gymshark. Although Astoria Activewear offers gorgeous pieces that look great, the company’s lack of transparency and refusal to refund items raises a few flags. Couple with this is the fact that the business does not have a BBB accreditation. Gymshark is definitely the better option for activewear.

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