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Missguided Review: A Fast Fashion Company With A Conscience?

Many of the fast fashion brands that we’ve reviewed have been started in Manchester, UK. This Northern English city seems to have fashion in its blood and is the breeding grown for brands like Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, and Missguided.

Missguided has had incredible success worldwide since its formation in 2009. The brand caters to women aged 16-35 years old and prides itself on creating around 1000 new products per week for its consumers. The brand’s ability to produce and sell so much clothing has led it to become an international fashion powerhouse, that has worked with some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

A few years ago, like many other fashion companies of this caliber, Missguided was dragged into disarray when it was revealed that workers in one of its manufacturing factories were being paid £3 an hour. That’s around $4 an hour, far below minimum salary.

However, since the revelations about the manufacturing factories, the brand has since been very vocal about ethical trading and manufacturing. So much so, that many in the industry have labeled Missguided as one of the most ethical fast fashion brands around. But is this label reflective of the brand, and what’s more, does the quality of the clothing make it worth buying from this company?

Who Owns Missguided?

Missguided is owned by British born Nitin Passi, who started the company in 2009. Today, he is still the sole owner, and under his leadership, the brand has grown tenfold. Although the company’s head offices are still located in the UK, the business has been able to operate successfully around the world, with Missguided US and Missguided Aus being popular with North American and Australian customers.

The brand has collaborated with several celebrities, creating collections with the likes of Sofia Richie and Nicole Scherzinger. As well as this, Pamela Anderson has modeled for the brand, fronting its SS16 collection. The brand’s collaborations with superstars have helped to increase its worldwide recognition.

The brand has had such success with its womenswear, that in 2017, Missguided launched a menswear label called ‘Mennace’. This label offers affordable yet stylish clothing to men. Like the womenswear, Mennace is made from similar materials and is designed for teenagers to 35-year-olds.

The company has a strong presence on social media, which helps with sales. As is the norm nowadays, many influencers and models are paid to wear clothes from this brand in order to advertise them to masses of consumers. For many, the fact that brands like Missguided partake in this form of promotion leads some customers to think that it is not a trustworthy brand.

Is Missguided Trustworthy?

E-commerce stores have made shopping for clothes and beauty products a lot easier, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with online retailers comes a host of problems. Online shoppers are now more exposed than ever to being the victims of fraud over the internet.

When it comes to fashion retailers such as Missguided, customers have to rely on reviews, like this one, in order to work out whether the business is legitimate or not. The brand is indeed a private limited company as recognized by the British government, which validates its authenticity and provides consumers with a degree of trust.

So, can customers trust that the products they see on the website are what will arrive at their house? The problem with an online clothing retailer such as this one is that there is no physical fashion store that people can walk into, in order to try on clothes. Many pieces can look and feel different in the light of day, and suit certain body types better than others.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide model measurements on its website, alongside the photos of women modeling the items for sale. This means that customers can’t always be sure of what the final product will look like when they finally get it. However, based on over 45,000 Missguided reviews on Trustpilot, consumers seem to find the online store fairly trustworthy and it has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

On the flip side, some customer reviews are filled with complaints, regarding sizing, refunds, and quality. But, considering the prices you pay, Missguided seems to be a fairly decent retailer, that delivers on what it promises, which is cheap styles at affordable prices.

Is Missguided Ethical?

Although Misgguided has been caught in the crossfire of a payment scandal, relating to the workers in one of its manufacturing factories, the company as of late has become committed to offering transparency to its customers. One area that Missguided is working on is the ethical sourcing of materials.

On the company’s website, it states that the retailer has adopted the standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative, to ensure that suppliers pay their workers a fair wage. Since a lot of the brand’s product is made in the UK, the company has committed itself to audit every factory it works with beforehand. This ensures that workers in the retailer’s supply chain are working in good conditions and getting fairly compensated for their time.

As well as making progress with its attitude to ethical work, Missguided is committed to making as little environmental impact as possible. This is difficult since the brand uses a lot of man-made materials that don’t decompose. However, the brand employs a UK based factory for most of its manufacturing, reducing its carbon footprint.

So, overall, is Missguided ethical? Not entirely, since it’s hard to be so in the world of fast fashion. However, eyes are on the retailer, which is causing it to respond and change some of its ways.

Are Missguided Clothes Good Quality?

For most people, ethics, and delivery options aren’t important when it comes to them choosing a clothing company to shop with. The most important factors are clothing quality and price. Missguided is famous for its extremely low prices, where you can buy a dress for as little as $6 or even less if you have a student discount. When it comes to money, this retailer is hard to beat.

However, price is often a reflection of the quality of items. So, does Missguided create first-rate clothing? A glance at some of their cheaper items might suggest not. For example, a simple bandeau crop top that retails for $8 dollars is made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Although polyester is a strong, man-made material used in many clothes, it can retain smell. This means that you need to wash it often, which can reduce its feel and durability.

For a pair of jogger pants that cost $40 at full price, you’d expect the quality to be decent. The pants are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The mixture of the two means that the pants have more breathability than a Missguided top, and should be strong.

Jeans on the site cost on average around $60, which is a great price. Surprisingly, most of the jeans on the site are 100% cotton. Cotton is of higher quality than polyester, and the fact that an affordable brand such as Missguided uses it exclusively in their jean products, is impressive.

It seems that the brand uses a range of textiles and fabrics to make their pieces, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of each item.

Customer Reviews On Quality

Although it’s easy enough to look at materials in order to work out whether clothes are of good quality, reading a review from a customer who has actually bought and worn items can help to work out whether they are good or not.

On Trustpilot, there are many reviews from customers, with one 5-star rating stating that the clothing is “super good quality for the cheap price”. However, just as there are good reviews, there are also terrible ones. One disgruntled customer wrote that “the quality of the clothes is quite bad” and “the items do not wear as in the pictures because the material is flimsy and the pieces are ill-made”.

Many customers talk about the clothing’s stretchy and see-through fabric that doesn’t hold its shape. However, it’s well known that price is a reflection of the time it takes to create something and its quality. The pricier items on Missguided seem to be made from better quality materials, whereas dresses that cost $8 are full of polyester.

Therefore, it comes down to the customer. Missguided offers a range of quality when it comes to its items. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money, then be aware that what you’re buying will probably not be a staple wardrobe piece for years to come. However, if you want to buy a good pair of jeans, for a little extra, without paying the amounts that brands like Good American charge, Missguided is a good website.

Is Missguided Clothing True To Size?

The fashion industry has long been creating items for slimmer women, making it difficult for curvier girls to wear fashionable pieces. However, Missguided prides itself on being an all-inclusive brand. The retailer’s mission is to empower all females with the confidence to be exactly who they want to be.

The website displays clothing ranging from a US 0 to 22. All of the pieces, created in by in-house designers, are carefully made so that women of any shape or size can wear them. There are specific ranges just for plus size, tall, petite, and pregnant women. The retailer ensures that no one person is unable to wear its pieces.

So, although Missguided caters to all women, is the clothing true to size? Many customer reviews complain that pieces that are meant to be fitted, are loose, or too stretchy and don’t fit well.

This issue with ill-fitting pieces could be due to the fact that the retailer employs its own size guide. If you want to ensure that the products you receive are going to fit, it’s worth checking out the sizing chart beforehand, to make sure you shouldn’t be buying a size 10 if you’re usually a 12.

Missguided has taken note of the fact that many customers aren’t happy with the sizing of their orders once they arrive, and have even devised a separate jeans sizing guide. This ensures that women, be it shoppers in the petite or plus size ranges, can find the right fit for them.

Overall, it seems that the retailer has a way to go in terms of fit. Many people complain that pieces are often too large, so if you like to wear tight-fitting pieces, either check out the size guide before purchase or buy a size smaller than usual.

How Long Do Missguided Orders Take?

A glance at a Missguided review online will tell you that order times can vary. However, the brand has a couple of delivery options for US customers. Depending on which delivery option you choose, standard shipping costs $10 and will take 8-11 business days. Express shipping is $12 and takes 2-4 business days.

If for any reason, your package is delayed, Missguided offers extensive customer service options. There is a live chat option on the site where you can talk directly to a customer service rep. Alternatively, you can send an email, contact customer service using your phone, or send a message to one of its social media handles.

If there are issues with your order when it arrives on your doorstep, you can claim a refund. The retailer has a 28-day refund policy for customers who are unhappy with their deliveries. You need to ensure that you have your email address, order number from your confirmation email, and delivery zip code present before going to ‘create a return’ on the Missguided website.

Unfortunately, the business does not cover return fees, so you’ll have to pay to send items back to its warehouse. For some customers, this is annoying since they have to pay more to return the clothes. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. There are many brands out there that offer free returns, so, if this is something important to you, choose to shop with one of them instead.

Missguided Review: Is It Worth It?

So, is it worth buying clothes from Missguided? Here’s a summary of what we think, based on all of our research.


  • Very affordable and stylish clothing
  • You can shop day or night online
  • The brand is making an effort to become more ethical


  • Customers have to pay for shipping and returns
  • Clothes aren’t always true to fit
  • The materials used are often of cheap quality and aren’t long-lasting

For cheap clothes that you’ll wear once or twice, we’d highly recommend shopping here. However, if the quality of material and supporting an ethical business is important to you, then take a look at other online retailers.

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