Gymshark vs Lululemon

Gymshark vs Lululemon: Which Brand Has The Best Leggings?

Activewear has become increasingly sought after in recent years due to the rise of fitness models on Instagram and an increased interest in healthy lifestyles. Nowadays, people want squat-proof clothes that not only look good on, but that are also made from high-quality materials.

Leggings are among the most popular athletic wear items, and many women buy them for gym training, running, yoga, or even for fashion. There has been a rise in women purchasing sports leggings in order to wear them in casual outfits, taking this sporty clothing item, and turning it into a wardrobe staple.

Two brands that are well-known for their workout leggings are Gymshark (GS) and Lululemon. Gymshark, the famous UK brand, is geared towards young and trendy gym-goers who like to look good whilst being active. Lululemon on the other hand was created for yoga lovers but has developed its brand to ensure its pieces work well in any setting.

So, if you want to buy some new gym wear and are wondering which brand is the best, look no further. We’ve done the legwork, and researched both of these companies in order to help you find the best pieces for your exercise closet.

Is Gymshark Good Quality?

Gymshark is popular for two important reasons. Firstly, its designs are cool and stylish and will make anyone look like a regular gym-goer. Secondly, it’s extremely affordable for an activewear brand. Often, people are hesitant to invest in cheaper gym wear, since lower prices can correlate to low quality. So, is Gymshark good quality?


A glance at products on the GS website will tell you that most of its leggings are mostly made from 57% polyamide (nylon) with 36% polyester and 7% elastane. Polyester and nylon are common in fitness wear, since they are strong, man-made materials that offer support. Polyester and elastane are great since they both stretch, which ensures that Gymshark leggings are squat proof.

The use of 57% polyamide as the main material in Gymshark leggings ensures that they feel soft and smooth. This provides comfort to wearers and ensures that they won’t suffer from things such as chafing which can happen with pieces that are mainly made with polyester.

Polyester is also great since it is generally considered to be a sweat-proof material in leggings. This means that it is less absorbent when it comes to moisture, and all GS leggings feature sweat-wicking technology. This removes sweat from your body, meaning that you’ll feel drier after working out.

Gymshark women’s leggings should be fairly durable and long-lasting. However, it’s best to get a few pairs. Although polyester is good for stretching and is generally sweat-proof, odors can cling to it, which could make your leggings a little bit smelly after an intense workout session.


A reason why people, especially women, love GS is that its leggings provide an incredible fit. Its high rise leggings for the gym suck in women’s stomachs, lift up their bums, and make their legs look toned. This is because a lot of the seamless leggings have contoured shading to give the illusion of a buff physique.

The brand also caters to the fit needs and wants of men. Most men want leggings that make them look toned and complement their muscles, and Gymshark does just that. The seamless feature of its leggings ensures that the male physique looks better, and all leggings have a baselayer fit to enable guys to go harder during a workout session.

Which Gymshark Leggings Are The Most Flattering?

Gymshark women leggings are without a doubt some of the most popular products from the brand’s range. They have three fits: high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise, and all three types have different benefits. We’ve combed through the site’s catalog to compile our recommendations of the brand’s most flattering leggings.

Adapt Camo Seamless Leggings $60

These women’s high rise camo leggings are a great choice since they are affordable, but feature a beautiful jacquard camo pattern. They are high waisted, which is flattering for the stomach and waist. They also have an elongated ribbon waistband, that can stretch, ensuring maximum comfort during a workout. As well as this, they are sweat-proof, so you can push yourself as hard as possible during a training session.

Energy Seamless Cropped Leggings $60

One pair of Energy Seamless leggings will serve you for intense training as well as stretch based exercises like pilates since it has a ribbed rib waistband that offers stretch and flexibility. There is under bum contouring thanks to the fabric and design pattern, which will make your booty look fantastic, and the waistband will cinch in your waist.

Flex Low Rise Leggings $40

If you suffer from camel toe, this pair of leggings will hide it for you! They are low rise, in order to show off your flat and toned stomach. Like the Energy Seamless leggings, they feature a jacquard knit pattern, that provides contouring to the legs and bum. These seamless leggings are one to have in your wardrobe if you want something comfortable and cheap.

Is Lululemon Good Quality?

Lululemon is a luxurious yoga and activewear company. Its pieces retail at a higher price than Gymshark, in part due to its well-known name, and also because its pieces are generally considered to be of higher quality. But are they? Let’s take a look at Lululemon leggings and see whether they are as good as Gymshark’s.


Lululemon leggings vary, and they have a much larger range than GS. This means that on occasion, some designs will have different quantities of a certain material. However, on average, Lululemon leggings are made from around 70-80% nylon and 20-30% lycra elastane.

This is a good combination of materials. Nylon is soft and durable, meaning that Lululemon’s pieces will feel great against the skin. This is particularly important for activities like yoga, where a lot of movements need to be held for long periods of time. If you aren’t wearing something comfortable, it can really impede your practice.

As well as this, the high content of lycra in Lululemon leggings ensures that they are very stretchy. This is good for both yoga and gym training and definitely ensures that the pieces are squat proof. Better yet, no one will suffer from camel toe in a pair of this brand’s leggings!

Overall, the combination of these two materials indicates that the leggings are high-quality since they will be long-lasting, stretchy, and feel like soft butter against the wearer’s skin.


Since Lululemon leggings are made with a lot of lycra, this means they will not only stretch but retain their shape well. Anyone will fit in a pair of these leggings since they have been designed with great textiles to fit seamlessly on all body shapes. The fabric will enhance and support areas such as your bum, making your posterior look even perter than usual.

As well as this, the high waistband on Lululemon leggings not only ensures that the wearer’s stomach looks thin, but the waistband doesn’t dig in. This ensures that it lies flat against the stomach, reducing the chance of any fat rolls spilling over during a workout, and providing a super comfortable fit.

Similar Brands To Lululemon

Lululemon is famous for its luxury athleisure wear. However, it is also known to be expensive. So, what are some similar brands to Lululemon, that might be less damaging to your bank balance?

Sweaty Betty – This London based brand creates simple yet high-quality activewear, mostly for yoga and pilates lovers. It’s expensive but extremely sought after. Its popularity speaks for itself, and you’ll notice many people wearing Sweaty Betty pieces in big city yoga studios. On average, this brand’s leggings are a little bit cheaper than Lululemon’s creations.

Nike – Although Nike is geared more towards athletes, it offers great quality pieces at prices that rival Lululemon’s. Although still more expensive than GS, with Nike, you know you’re getting quality pieces that real athletes wear. There is also a great variety of pant styles, to suit different workouts.

Adidas – Like Nike, Adidas creates sportswear aimed at athletes, so you know you’re getting quality products. The brand has had a resurgence in recent years and has started to create stylish pieces, which rival companies like Lululemon. The price points of this company are similar to Nike, so not too different from Lululemon.

Is Gymshark Better Than Lululemon?

It’s clear that both brands are fairly good quality when it comes to leggings, although Lululemon edges GS out slightly. Lululemon doesn’t make use of polyester in its pieces, which means that the material feels softer and is stretchier, which is definitely necessary for activewear.

So, quality has been covered. But what other factors are necessary to consider when comparing Gymshark vs Lululemon? Here’s our opinion to help you decide where to shop.

Range Of Products

GS: When it comes to variety, Gymshark has plenty. It has menswear, that includes base layers, shorts, hoodies, and stringers. Its womenswear collection sells various leggings, sports bras, crop tops, and even underwear. As well as this, the brand sells a range of gym equipment like wrist bands, glute bands, and other accessories like fruit infuser bottles and backpacks.

Lululemon: A company also big on variety, this yoga and athletic wear brand sells clothing pieces for men and women, including workout leggings, t-shirts, and hoodies, but also fashionable pants, coats, and button-down shirts. The brand is targeted at yoga lovers, people who opt for more high-intensity workouts, and those who simply love good fashion. As well as all this, the brand caters to yogis by offering grip socks, and accessories such as hats, and hairpieces.

Size And Inclusivity

GS: It’s more important than ever that brands are creating pieces for all different shapes and sizes. GS sells womenswear from sizes XS to XL and menswear from S to XXL. For some customers, the sizing is a little confusing as it does not correlate to standard US sizing guides. However, there is a size guide on the site for men and women, that is regularly updated to help customers buy the best-sized clothing.

Lululemon: It could be argued that Lululemon’s sizing style is a little complicated since pieces are offered in two options. Women’s leggings, for example, are sold in sizes 0 to 14, whereas items like sweaters are marked in sizes XS to XL. Lululemon’s sizing guide, however, states that an M sweater is a US size 8. However, Lululemon goes the extra mile with its leggings, offering them in various lengths to suit your body type completely.

Both brands could do more when it comes to creating pieces for plus size men and women so that a wider variety of people could enjoy looking good while working out.


GS: Gymshark is definitely known for its cool and stylish clothing, which is especially popular with a younger demographic. This is thanks to its founder, Ben Francis, being a young guy himself, who ensures that all pieces look great. GS is famous for its seamless leggings, that offer a supported and contoured fit. As well as this, the brand offers cool pieces that can be worn during an exercise class, or out for lunch, such as its crop top selection. Most of its pieces also employ sweat-proof technology.

Lululemon: Lululemon pieces are classy and chic, aimed at yogis, or women who like to look sophisticated while working out. The brand’s menswear offers cool, crisp pieces that have clean and simple designs, for men who don’t like loud or over-the-top styles. The fact that this brand has branched out into regular clothing, that is minimalist yet stylish, demonstrates how its signature style can be applied to all areas of clothing.


GS: Gymshark is one of the more affordable athletic wear brands out there. A supportive sports bra costs around $35, while a pair of mid-rise leggings cost around $40. Menswear is also relatively cheap, with a pair of past costing anywhere from $30-$55. These prices are really good, which explains why the brand is so popular.

Lululemon: For comparison, a sports bra from Lululemon costs anywhere in the region of $68-$178. Leggings fall in the price range of $88-$168. The price is a big jump up from GS, but this is because the quality of materials used is so much higher.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to decide which brand is better. For quality and longevity of clothing, Lululemon is the obvious choice. The pieces feel silky soft against the skin and are long-lasting. However, when it comes to price, a lot less money still gets you a good quality piece from GS. If money’s tight, then it’s worth shopping with GS, but if you want something a little more luxurious, go for Lululemon.

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