Barbell Apparel Review: When Fitness Meets Fashion

Barbell Apparel is a truly unique brand that creates tailored fashion pieces for athletic builds. There are many fitness brands in existence that make amazing athletic gear that shows off toned glutes and quads. Unfortunately, many companies fail to offer customers clothing that complements the bodies they have worked so hard for. Until now.

Barbell Apparel creates both fashion pieces and activewear, which are designed to flatter the wearer. This brand is aimed at fitness loving men and women, who are proud of their physiques and want to show them off. The company had humble beginnings, and has grown into a multi-million dollar business.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the brand to tell you why this company has enjoyed immense success, and to help you decide whether or not you should purchase Barbell clothing.

What Is Barbell Apparel?

Barbell Apparel is a clothing and activewear company that launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get funding for their first ever project, the Athletic Fit Jeans. These jeans were made for men who worked hard in the gym and wanted stylish clothing that would highlight the results of said work.

The campaign was incredibly successful, and led to three further Kickstarter campaigns and an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank. Now, Barbell is a well-known name amongst mainstream fashion and media, creating comfortable clothing that comes in an incomparable athletic fit.

The brand’s most popular item is its founding product, the Athletic Fit Barbell Jeans. It also sells sought-after gym wear like leggings, sports bras, and an assortment of pants. The company caters to both men and women and has been well-received by consumers. Its no-fuss designs focus on the quality of materials in order to create clothing that performs well, whether it’s a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans.

What Are Athletic Fit Jeans?

You’ve probably heard of athletic jeans. Barbell created the Athletic Fit Jeans as it saw a massive gap in the market for denim pants that were built for the athletic body. These athletic jeans are designed to work well regardless of what you’re doing. Whether you’re walking, resting, or simply want to look stylish on a dinner date, a pair of these Barbell denim jeans are guaranteed to flatter you.

These athletic Barbell jeans are available for both men and women in various different fits. For men there are the straight, slim, athletic, relaxed and boot cut fits. All men’s jeans sit just below the waist, on the hips. Women’s Barbell denim athletic jeans come in slim and boot cut styles, and are more high-waisted. Depending on how you like your thighs, lower legs, and butt to look, you can choose a different style to highlight them.

The brand has expanded and has gone on to create the Athletic Chino Pant for men and women. It also offers smart dress pants for men that are intended for use outside of the gym, but that still complement athletic physiques. Even Barbell’s Men’s joggers are created in such a way so that they complement gym bodies, combining an athlete standard fit with a soft material that provides comfort.

To sum it up, Barbell’s Athletic Fit Jeans are innovative denim-wear and a must-have wardrobe piece for any fitness enthusiast who likes to dress for their body.

Is Barbell Apparel Good Quality?

In order to provide an extensive review of Barbell, we have to look at its clothing options and whether they are well made. If you look on Barbell’s website, you’ll notice that they have several options for both men and women. Unlike some brands, there is not an abundance of choice within each clothing section. This is because Barbell focuses on quality and not quantity.

So, does Barbell Apparel actually create first-rate products? We’ve selected a few items to give you the low-down on whether they are as good as Barbell promises.

  • Jeans: The brand states that each pair of jeans or denim pants are made with Barbell Denim. This advanced material has been specially created by the company to ensure that wearer’s still get that authentic denim feel, but with extra movement and stretch.
  • Shorts: Both men’s and women’s shorts come in a variety of different materials. The new men’s Anything Short is made from 100% polyester, to ensure they are hard-wearing and sweat-resistant. The Origin Short is created with the ultra-light Flextek fabric, to make you feel as though you aren’t wearing anything.
  • Sports Bras: For women, Barbell Apparel has created specific pieces such as a sports bra collection. Each sports bra is made to fit like a glove, without causing too much compression and discomfort. The Barbell Sports Bra is made with Flextek fabric to offer breathability and the Luna Sports Bra contains nylon and spandex to create a more flexbile material and hold.

The fabric in the clothing is first-class and the variety of materials used in the clothes indicates that the company has thought carefully about what different pairs of shorts need in order to improve physical performance during workouts.

On the Barbell Apparel website, there are many verified customer reviews from shoppers who have actually bought and used the items. Across the site, almost all of the comments are overwhelmingly positive. This suggests that consumers are pleased with the products they are receiving and that the clothing and fitness apparel is of a very high standard.

What Is The Barbell Loyalty Program?

Like many brands, Barbell offers rewards to customers who shop regularly with them. Anyone can become a member of the Barbell loyalty programme or “quad squad” by signing up with their email address, and enjoy perks such as money off clothing when they refer a friend or on their birthday.

The program works by giving customers points, which can then be spent, or put towards items on the site. The system is separated into three tiers: trainee, expert, and elite. In each level, the annual amount you spend on the site determines how many points you get, as do other factors. You can earn points by:

  • Refering a friend.
  • Leaving reviews on clothing you’ve purchased.
  • Buying clothing.
  • Following Barbell Apparel on Instagram.

Unlike some membership programs, that take a fee for sign-up and don’t offer much in return, this loyalty program seems to work well. Customers can sign up for free, and are encouraged to continue shopping with Barbell since they get a lot of good benefits.

Is It Worth Shopping With Barbel Apparel?

Barbel Apparel is unique in what it sets out to do. Provide customers with athletic and fashion pieces that are designed for fit bodies. And the brand does just that. If you want to get a pair of pants that show off your defined quadriceps, then the Barbell Denim Athletic jeans are a fantastic choice. These pants have really revolutionized the athleisure wear world, finally offering athletic men and women clothing options that suit their muscles.

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