Alphalete vs Gymshark

Alphalete vs Gymshark: Which Brand Is Best For The Gym?

Alphalete and Gymshark are two of the most prominent fitness apparel brands currently out there. Both companies have grown in popularity thanks to their incredible presence on social media platforms like Instagram, and due to the endorsement of many fitness influencers around the world.

These two gym wear brands are similar in many ways. At the forefront of each, is a young, fit leader who understands his brand’s demographics. Christian Guzman, was a popular fitness YouTuber and gym owner who used his popularity to launch his brand Alphalete. Gymshark’s founder, Ben Francis, launched the brand as a teenager when he noticed there was a gap in the market for stylish gym-goers.

Both companies are targeted at 16-35 year olds, and employ fitness marketing tools to reflect this. It’s likely that you’ll have seen promoted ads on your Facebook or Instagram feed. This savvy marketing has led to Gymshark being valued at over $1 billion, and Alphalete having an annual multi-million-dollar revenue.

So, which brand is the best for the gym? These companies are well-known for creating stylish and on-trend pieces, that can be worn as both athletic and leisurewear. We’ve taken an in-depth look at these companies to tell you which is the best retailer for men and women’s activewear.

Is Alphalete A Good Brand?

As mentioned, Alphalete was started by Christian Guzman. Guzman gained notoriety on YouTube for his fitness videos, and the success of these enabled him to open Alphalete gym. He launched Alphalete Athletics in 2015, and since then the company has experienced a lot of success.

The brand offers both a men’s and womenswear line. The clothing is popular because of the simple designs, that are all emblazoned with the Alphalete name. For many people, wearing Alphalete clothing is a clear indication of who you are as a person. The lifestyle associated with this brand is one of health, strength, and determination. For this reason, many people are eager to be seen wearing this cool and trendy clothing and be viewed as ‘Alphalete athletes’.

However, the brand has a Trustpilot rating of 2.7 stars out of 5. This is interesting since scrolling through Instagram would suggest that everyone loves the brand (the company’s official Instagram page has almost 1 million followers). Yet some customers have commented that as of late, the brand’s quality has decreased, with seams on some pants and joggers ripping after only a few wears.

Customer comments like these haven’t caused trouble for the brand’s sales, as the company is still going strong in 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of rival athleisurewear businesses.

Is Gymshark Clothing Good Quality?

Gymshark has experienced great popularity since its launch in 2012. The UK based brand has a strong following in its home country, which has grown internationally. The main reason why Gymshark is popular is that its stylish products are reasonably priced.

Unlike Alphalete, Gymshark has a Trustpilot score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers are very happy with the brand, both with the price and quality of clothing. Since its activewear is extremely affordable, many wonder if this is a reflection of low-quality pieces and materials. However, the company creates physique enhancing designs with wonderful textures to provide comfort and support to athletes.

As well as this, the brand employs a mix of strong materials like nylon, polyester, and elastane in all of its pieces, for both men and women. This combination is good for gym clothing since it ensures that the pieces are strong yet flexible enough.

All in all, Gymshark is good quality. It’s perhaps not as luxurious as some brands like Lululemon, but on the whole is decent for its pricing.

Is Gymshark Better Than Alphalete?

Alphalete vs Gymshark: which is the best brand? It’s hard to answer this without considering a range of factors. For every brand, you have to consider things such as the style and shape of clothing, price, and materials. We’ve looked at all of these areas, and have devised this comparative list to help you choose the best brand to shop with.

Alphalete Vs Gymshark: Price

Gymshark: Both menswear and womenswear workout clothing is similarly priced. A pair of men’s seamless gym leggings cost $40 and you can find women’s pairs for the same amount. A woman’s sports bra can cost around $35-45, which is good value for something that is effective.

Alphalete: A pair of fitted men’s joggers will set you back $56, while men’s training tights come out at around $58. Women’s leggings and pants start at $42 and go up to $64, meaning there is room to play with if you have a budget. For comparison, a woman’s sports bra from Alphalete is around $40.

Alphalete Vs Gymshark: Style

Gymshark: With Gymshark, pieces are designed to sculpt and contour the body’s natural shape, and enhance it. This means that many of its womenswear and menswear provide a tighter and more supportive fit. However, for those who aren’t so body confident, the brand offers baggier t-shirts and joggers.

As well as this, the clothing is bright and comes in cool-looking designs. You will look fashionable wearing any of this brand’s pieces whether you are a man or a woman.

Alphalete: If you’re a muscular man and want a gym t-shirt that will really hug your muscles and provide you with a fit that shows them off, then Alphalete has you covered. The line of menswear is striking and well-designed, providing men with a range of options. From tightly fitted arms that accentuate muscles, to looser pieces, the brand has it all.

The women’s clothing also features a variety of pieces, and its high-waisted Alphalete leggings have a firm waistband that will give all women a cinched in waist and tight fit, ensuring that their natural shape looks great.

Alphalete Vs Gymshark: Material

Gymshark: Gymshark makes use of nylon, polyester, and elastane in its products. This helps to create strong leggings, that you can stretch, run, and jump in without breaking. Nylon is tough, and provides flexibility, while polyester doesn’t absorb moisture. This means you won’t feel as clammy during a training session.

Alphalete: Alpahlete uses different materials based on the product. For example, a woman’s cropped bra is made from mostly nylon, while a pair of men’s joggers will be mostly made from breathable cotton. However, something interesting about Alphalete’s leggings is that they are made from a mixture of polyester and spandex.

So, are Alpahalete leggings squat proof? The answer is, yes! The use of spandex in leggings is genius since it allows for shape retention and will hold in any love handles that creep out. As well as this, many Alphalete pieces are brushed, to ensure they feel like soft butter against the skin.

Alphalete Vs Gymshark: Which Brand Should I Shop With?

It’s very difficult to say which apparel line is the best since these two are very similar. Gymshark is more trusted by consumers, which is evident from its overwhelmingly good online reviews. It’s also a little bit cheaper than Alphalete, although the price difference is small.

However, Alphalete has some benefits. Its women’s leggings and men’s training tights provide good support and a tight fit, to encourage you to train harder and longer. As well as this, its designs are really fashionable and come in various fits to suit different body types.

For reliability and price, go for Gymshark. However, if you are looking for something specific, and want to invest in activewear that will provide you with a more supported fit, check out Alphalete’s range.

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